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Humans are Irrational and emotional. Focus On The Rational by David Guerra (06/100)

When we are young one thing is certain: WE HAVE HUGE EGOS! Our egos are so huge that it is a miracle that we survived. As Stinger (James Tolkan) told Maverick (Tom Cruise) in the motion picture, TOP GUN (1986), “Son, your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash!” Lucky for Maverick, he never cashed in or out (depends on how you look at it.)

It was a matter of time before our ego caught up with us or we out grew the false bravado and façades to be come the rational and in-control individuals we have become.

There is one thing to remember: we never grow up. There is always something or someone that will trigger your ego and there we go with irrational, emotional behavior. Sad but true. For some, it may be quicker and for others it may take a little more prodding but it will happen.

That’s OK, we are only human after all. We are not perfect. Sure, many want to believe they are perfect. Yet, perfection is subjective and thus; no one is perfect. I am not perfect; you are not perfect. Did I mention I am not perfect?

By recognizing we are not perfect and there will be times when we become irrational & emotional, we can then to work on improving ourselves. We can begin work on the rational. By being aware and cognizant that by being rational focusing on that, we can accomplish more, we can be more.

By learning the valuable lessons that come with falling into the trap of being/becoming irrational then we can focus on the rational. The focus we have, built on the mistakes and actions of the past, will only work if we can admit to ourselves that we messed up, that we fell victim to our ego, that we cannot blame anyone else for our own failures and shortcomings.

It is not easy for some people to confront themselves over the fact that the ego can be manipulated, easily triggered. Once we can overcome that hurdle then can we make some serious change to our life process. That is if you want to make a conscious effort to improve and leave the lack of focus, the irrational and emotion in the past, then be ready to work.

While, you will never be completely emotionless. Remember, in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Spock could not complete the Kolinahr, the Vulcan ritual to purge all emotions. He was half-human after all. So, what did he do? The only logical thing. This was to admit that he was also human and proceeded to live his life with his emotions. The learned that emotions were part of who he is and what he will be.

However, because he worked at controlling his emotions, the character of Spock, went on to be better and do better. The same can work for you and you do not have to be half-Vulcan. As a matter of fact, you can be 100% human and work on being clear and level headed.

You can do this by committing to being better, doing better, and working on focusing on the rational. It will serve you well when it comes dealing with people and situations that will tax you. Avoid them while you start the process of focusing on the rational. Of course, you cannot avoid people all the time. However, you can avoid those individuals that would be considered bumps in the road to your success.

Do what it takes with what you have but do not give up hope, deny patience, and most of all stick to your commitment to being successful.

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NOW ONLINE: WALKING LEADER PODCAST #162 with your host, David Guerra

Friday, January 15, 2020 – announces the online posting of the latest episode of the Walking Leader Podcast.

Episode 162 of the Walking Leader Podcast titled, “As The Walking Leader, Either You Lead By Example or You Don’t Lead At All“, host and author of the Walking Leader book series, David G. Guerra, MBA talks about How leading by example is a non-negotiable leadership principle. “Leaders comes in all shapes and sizes. Each leader is unique. That being the case that uniqueness is what makes leaders become great. It is when they use that uniqueness to go beyond the ordinary day-to-day grind of leadership. Yes, I said that. It can be a grind, if individuals just want to go through the motions. However, to be greater than the ordinary those unique leaders know that what they do is mission critical. Leading by example is at the tip of the leadership iceberg. The Walking Leader knows that walking their talk is critical to developing, creating, and motivating future leaders. As those future leaders see the success of their leaders because they lead by example, thus up and coming leaders can do nothing else because their leaders are executing on the lead by example mindset. Thus, leading by example is non-negotiable because the ONLY option is to NOT lead at all.”


Click here to visit podcast #162 page and listen to the episode with the online player.

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Positive Thinking; Just Start Doing by David Guerra (04/100)

positive thinking just startStill in that New Year, New You mindset? If you are good for you! If not, well that’s alright. You can still get back up on that horse. That “New Year, New You” mindset, is short lived. Some say it does not even last a full two weeks. It is my understanding that by the evening of the 12th of January the resolutions are out the window.


It happens. It happens to the best of us. It has happened to me and it has happened to you. If not yet then it is a matter of time before it does. Remember, as with most things it is not a matter if but when. However, there is one thing you can keep working for you: Positive Thinking.


Positive Thinking?


Yes, Positive Thinking. An optimistic attitude. Fostering optimism. Seeing the positive in everything and everyone around you is not just a good idea. It is good for you, all over. It is good for your body, mind and spirit. The power of positivity and being optimistic can make things happen. In his book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill wrote, “What your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” Therefore, if it can conceive and believe positivity and optimism, then it will come to be.


When can you start Positive Thinking?


You can start right here, right now. There is no rule that says you have to start the next time something good happens. There is no rule at all, there are no restrictions, not prohibited in all fifty states and no purchase necessary. Yep, you start right now and it is free.


My recommendation is to start small. Then gradually increase your level of positive thinking. How you ask? Simple, start with one thing. One thing that you have historically been on the fence about, then move on to the next. It may take time but then again anything worth doing, maintaining and sustaining is worth doing in an intentional and deliberate manner. That will make sticking to it easier when things start to wane.


Then come the naysayers. There are always a few naysayers along the way. First off, forget the naysayers. You may have been one or under the thumb of one or two over the course of your life. Oh, don’t worry there will be more in your. Their negativity is not the way life should be. Know, whatever the reason for the negative baggage it is NOT yours to carry. So when others offer it, just look them in the eye and make sure it is coming from your heart when you say, “No, Thank you.”


Saying no to the negative and the negativity mindset of others means you are growing. Growing, in that you are recognizing that your priorities matter. Your priorities are being reshaped, redefined, especially when others have been imposing their priorities on you.


By taking those intentional and deliberate steps to increase your level of positive thinking, you are going to start doing and creating an environment of positivity. Eventually, like the negativity, your positive mindset will become contagious. As you are visibly seen achieving more based on the positivity you have created. Isn’t that what a “New Year, New You” is all about? I say it is.


Get started and stay started, all the while you are growing and improving. Kind of makes you wonder what “New Year, New You” will be all about in 2021 or if you will need it at all?


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Thank you,
David G. Guerra, MBA
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