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New Podcast Episode Out Now!

Episode #125 of the Walking Leader Podcast is out now. In this episode, your host, David Guerra talks about theĀ 5 Tips for Preparing Yourself for the New Year (2019 edition). The new year is upon us and now we have

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“Trust The Process” A New Video Series

TRUST THE PROCESS is a new weekly video series by David G. Guerra, MBA. TRUST THE PROCESS is Vlog meets a little Q&A or provides help on whatever you need or whatever I see people needing more attention in order

NEW ARTICLE: 5 Things All Leaders Must Do At The Start Of The Day

The article: 5 THINGS ALL LEADERS MUST DO AT THE START OF THE DAY is the next article by David G. Guerra. In this article David discusses what he sees as the 5 things all leaders must do just before

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