I am a US Army Infantry Veteran. I am an Author. I write about what I know: Leadership (at all levels), the US Army in West Berlin during the Cold War and a few other places and things.

When it comes to leadership my focus is on SELF-LEADERSHIP. Self-leadership is centered on the INDIVIDUAL learning and doing what must be done in order to succeed as an individual that will, one day, lead others.

To lead others the individual knows to step in and step out onto the front-lines to not only get to know their peers and co-workers but to be an active and fully-functional contributing member of the entire organizational TEAM. Yes, you read that right. I firmly believe that if leaders are not out there filling sandbags, carrying water, or chopping wood, they are merely bad managers.

Everyone must MASTER Self-Leadership. Every current and future leader is on a long and arduous path every WALKING LEADER will take on their way to SUCCESS.

I truly believe ALL LEADERS at ALL LEVELS (Receptionist to Entry Level to Executives to Company Officers to the Board of Directors) must step up, step in and do what is right, especially if doing what is right is not popular. Please know and understand when I say LEADERS, I mean all leaders! Not just the “leaders” mentioned in Forbes, Business Week, Bloomberg, Fox Business, INC. Magazine, and all other such publications but I am talking about the countless individuals in those Small Mom & Pop Stores, Medium sized businesses, small teams, and departments and everything in between. Yes, I am talking all the individuals that are out there on the front-lines grinding day-in, day-out to get beyond the startup stage and those that are hustling every calendar day come rain or come shine.

Those That Are Not Afraid To Get Back Into The Trenches Are The Leaders We All Need &Those Are The Leaders We Must All Strive To Be Every Day!

Living at the beginning of the 21st Century, I believe, we are charged with setting a foundation for a future based on rock solid leadership principles and purposeful leadership development with the intention of making leaders that are not afraid to do and say what must be said and done in order to accomplish the mission.



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