Hello and Welcome to my website. I am David Guerra. I am a Native Texan, Husband, Father, US Army Infantry Veteran, Author, Vlogger, and Blogger.

As an author, I write about two things: Leadership (at all levels) and West Berlin, Germany during the Cold War (1945-1990).

It is an interesting combination and know that I am quite passionate about both. During my time with the US Army Berlin Brigade, in West Berlin, was certainly life changing as I was led by some of the Greatest Leaders that I have known and worked with.

Those Leaders instilled in me of leading myself first long before I think about leading others. Thus, when it comes to LEADERSHIP my focus is on SELF-LEADERSHIP. Self-leadership is centered on the INDIVIDUAL learning and taking the initiative to do what must be done in order to succeed as an individual that will, one day, lead others. To all current and future leaders, YOU must lead YOURSELF before you can lead OTHERS.



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The 2023 Holiday Season is over and now we venture in a new year. 2024 will certainly be loaded with change. Change will be the only constant this year. I invite you to document the year by Daily Journal Writing. click here for details

The Walking Leader

My first book on leadership. Written as my response to the concept of Managing By Walking Around (MBWA). The concept of getting out of your office was always out there but there was a huge disconnect when it came to what to do.

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The Podcast

The Walking Leader Podcast A semi-weekly podcast focused on the 20 Rules found in my books The Walking Leader & Great To Follow as well as other Self-Leadership concepts and principles.

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Check out all my other books from Historical Fiction to other Leadership books. They are all here on one page with no waiting.

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