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New Podcast Episode Now Online (#119)

Episode 119 of the Walking Leader Podcast is now online and ready for your listening pleasure.  In Episode 119 of the Walking Leader Podcast, your host, David Guerra  talks about NEW EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION versus SUCCESSFUL ONBOARDING.  David talks about how the

Look & Learn Before It’s Too Late

Recently, I ran across a situation where I was asked if I had done something. I had. Seems to be an ongoing trend where individuals would rather be spoon-fed what they want to know (or demand to know) only to

A New Day / A New New (a.k.a That Was Yesterday) by David Guerra

“But that was yesterday. I had the world in my hands but it’s not the end of my world. Just a slight change of plans. That was yesterday. But today life goes on. No more hiding in yesterday.  ‘Cause yesterday’s gone, ooooh!” – Foreigner “That