Throughout our lives we have been told to do the right thing especially when no one is watching.

We should always do the RIGHT THING. While doing the right thing is always the right thing to do no matter if there is an audience or not.

There are far too many people that will do something good only when others are watching. Those people that seek an audience before doing the right thing do so for any number of reason and I can understand some of them.

Having an audience is proof that you did the right thing. I get that.

Having an audience can confirm that you did what you said you were going to do. I get that.

Having an audience watch you do the right thing for the applause, the accolades, that I do not get nor understand. While it is nice to be recognized for doing something nice, if that is the ONLY reason you do what you do then please check yourself.

By checking yourself, I mean check your SELF-RESPECT levels. I mean look deep inside yourself to see why you MUST have an audience.

Some individuals will demand to outsiders that they do NOT need an audience when doing what is RIGHT. Yet, they will either go out of their way to ensure someone “accidentally” sees them do the right thing and when no one is around to “accidentally” see them they try again later (at a more convenient time for the audience).

See, when the time comes to do the right there is no better time than present. However, being stuck in a mindset of “needing an audience” does nothing to improve the RESPECT you have for yourself. There are countless RIGHT THINGS BEING DONE on a daily basis that you will never hear about because those doing the RIGHT THING WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING do so because to them (and only them) it is the RIGHT THING TO DO!

I am David Guerra and I said this.



This week’s CHART focuses on YOUR VALUE SYSTEM & SUCCESS

It continues to be a running theme (and it will be for a long time to come) when it comes to the VALUE SYSTEM you have, one thing is certain that VALUE SYSTEM will impact your current and future SUCCESS.

There is no way around that fact. As you are the driver of your SUCCESS and your SUCCESS is fueled by your VALUES then it is SOLELY up to you whether you SUCCEED or FAIL. It is that simple.

For instance, if you have cesspool level VALUES then your success will never be greater than that of a full & stinky OUTHOUSE.

But if your VALUES are high and kept at the high level then your level of SUCCESS will increase. Remember, the moment you stop working on your system of VALUES is also the moment your success stops growing. There is no free ride. There is no ONE & DONE when it comes to success. Look at those news stories of LOTTERY WINNERS losing it all.

They lost it all because while there is no such thing as INSTANT SUCCESS. They lost it all because their value system was so low that they could not deal with their rapid payout. They were still living with their VALUE system based on something they have always known. Now when confronted with something they never knew they retreated back to what they have always known only to put them right back where they started.

Change yourself by changing your current mindset to elevate yourself based on improving your VALUE SYSTEM. Thus, placing YOU on a PATH to SUCCESS.

For those that need a little more explanation: When I say SUCCESS, I mean SUCCESS in LIFE to include but not limited to RELATIONSHIPS, FINANCE, and EDUCATION.

I am David Guerra and I said this.


Future Relationship & The Common Denominator – A Chart


We have all had good relationships and bad relationship. Some people hit a homerun and finally have GREAT RELATIONSHIPS. While others are doomed to terrible relationships or so it seems.

Usually, those individuals that somehow have knack for finding themselves in a “bad romance” or two or three or twelve will always push the reason for the failure of the relationship unto the other individual.

All the while missing the KEY COMPONENT in the failed relationships, the COMMON DENOMINATOR: Them.
For those that are not sure what I am talking about. Well, let’s define COMMON DENOMINAOR. The common denominator is defined as “a feature shared by all members of a group.”

So, there is you, Person A, in a failed relationship with Person B. Then there is you, Person A, in a failed relationship with Person C. Next, there is you, Person A, in a failed relationship with Person D. Sometime soon, there will be you, Person A, in a failed relationship with Person E. Of course, almost immediately is you, Person A, in a failed relationship with Person F and so on, ad nauseum.

Thus, out of the SIX examples of failed relationships, the common denominator is Person A, that’s right, YOU!

The sooner you realize you are the cause of the failed relationships the sooner you can move on to fix yourself and fix your future. Otherwise, please continue to keep picking the RIGHT people to have Bad Relationships with.

I am David Guerra and I said this.