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Weekend Challenge #08 (03/14-15/2020) Go Outside


you weekend challenge has arrived

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Welcome To The Weekend. It is time for another challenge.

Welcome to your weekend challenge. This weekend’s challenge is another one that is simple to do but yet for some reason many find it difficult to do.


Yes, that’s it. Get outside. Let the sun hit your face. Feel that Spring breeze move across you.

I am not talking about going out and being around large groups of people. Especially in these trying times, large gatherings a no-no.

What I am talking about is go visit your backyard. Take a saunter across you front yard or be daring and drive out to a local park, find an area not being overly saturated with other human beings and go for a walk.

Being outside will do you a world of good. Getting a little exposure to the sun will help your body generate Vitamin D. That’s right, with the aid of sunlight your body makes Vitamin D.

In a nutshell, it works like this: Sunlight hits your skin, “the sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) rays hit cholesterol in the skin cells, providing the energy for vitamin D synthesis to occur.”

Now, who couldn’t need a little extra Vitamin D? According to the WebMD website, there are an estimated 40-75% of people are Vitamin D deficient. That deficiency is associated with bone loss and osteoporosis. As people get older they spend less time outdoors, they tend to get less Vitamin D thus leading to bone problems.

But wait there is more. Vitamin D can aid in the prevention of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and much more. Sounds not too shabby.

While I am all for making my own Vitamin D, the exposure to the sun should be at your discretion. I am find that 10 to 15 minutes several times throughout the day works. So limit your exposure but do enjoy your time outside.

Hear the bird chirp, watch the squirrels trying to get their nuts, look up and see the cloud that looks like Ireland and so on.

Remember, social distancing and Get To Work!

Thanks for your time,

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Weekend Challenge #07 (03/07-08/2020): Daylight Saving Time


you weekend challenge has arrived

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Welcome To The Weekend. It is time for another challenge.

This weekend’s Weekend Challenge is another one that most people tend to ignore and sadly to their own peril and the peril of others (especially loved ones). This weekend is the weekend where here in the United States we set our clocks, microwaves, watches, and timepieces forward one hour.

This weekend is Daylight Saving Time weekend. Before you begin with the nonsense of why do we do this and we should stop. While I agree that we should not have to go through this twice a year, here we are.

What’s so perilous about setting the clock forward now or back one hour this coming November? Nothing unless you have a clock up on your cathedral style ceilings (be careful up there).

The peril comes from NOT doing a safety check of your home, auto, and in some cases your workplace.

Safety Check? Yes, while we are told that the time change is the excellent time to change the batteries on our smoke detectors. However, this is not all we need to do.

The process is really simple. Get out there and work on the following:

1. Yes, replace the batteries but TEST the devices. Test ALL your Smoke Detectors. If you have Carbon Monoxide detectors, check those out as well. Change those batteries also.
2. Folks, if you live in a home that has the smoke detectors powered by the home’s electrical system well DO NOT think you are safe. They have backup batteries. CHECK THEM!
3. Home owners you should have a fire exit plan. You do at work, so why not at home? Have a plan in place. Share it with everyone that lives in your home.
4. Ensure the exit plan and meeting place is properly accessible. Did a tree suddenly grow outside the window your youngest child will use to exit? If so, adjust accordingly
5. Check your home for bugs, insect, and or small animal infestation. It happens.
6. Grooming: keep your property maintained. I never said keep it immaculate. Just maintained.
7. Bug out bags: The change of time also signifies the time of severe or extreme weather is soon upon us. Hurricane Season begins on June 1st approximately 90days after Spring Forward. It also ends on November 30th, less than a month after we Fall back. So, get your evacuation plan and gear together and up to date.

Remember, take the time this weekend to do a comprehensive check up on your home and you will be ready now to deal with issues instead of when you suddenly have a situation that you could have dealt with earlier. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Oh, and I will say I told you so.

Do not get caught short, Get To WORK!

Thanks for your time,

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Weekend Challenge #06 (02/29/2020): START SOMETHING NEW


you weekend challenge has arrived

Listen to this weekend’s Weekend Challenge

Welcome To The Weekend. It is time for another challenge.

This weekend marks the end of the last full month of the Winter Season. Yep, Spring arrives on Thursday, March 19th and ends on Saturday, June 20th. That means that as the new season arrives so does the spring weather, the environment, and we arrive coming out of the winter ready for a new season of growth. Soon, we shed out winter attire (for those that had a real winter) and on goes the spring fashion. Yet, this is also the time to shed something else.

Shed those thoughts and ideas of doing something new and do something new for yourself.

As a leader, you have resolved yourself to be a lifelong learner. As a lifelong learner, you should always be up for the next adventure, the next new & exciting thing to do. Even if that thing means reading a book, going for a walk, or just crafting something new.

This weekend’s challenge is truly all about you getting yourself ready to GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

There is no fancy list to make, there is no itinerary to set, there is only you getting up and execute.

I know you have had grandiose plans in your mind that if just had an opportunity to get started. If you just had the motivation to add one more thing to your list of things you are already doing. Well, guess what here it is. Reach into your well of “I wish”, “I could”, “I should” and pick one new thing to do and get started.

I cannot stress how important it is to continuously be doing something and continuously adding something new to the mix. It works to keep you motivated, to keep you inspired, to keep you going and ultimately, it makes you want more. To add more to the pile that is your life.

I will used myself as an example. I have a FULL-TIME job (Monday through Friday 8-5), training for my first 10K run in over 30 years (done lots of 5Ks) and currently I video blog Monday through Friday, microblog Monday through Friday, a weekly live sports talk show with my brother, audio podcast once a week and a once a month podcast for my Veterans website. Speaking of websites, did you know I currently am the webmaster for five websites? I currently am writing three books (Leadership, Historical Fiction, and Murder Mystery).

Now, I am adding this Weekend Challenge to my already growing list of things I do because of two reasons; I want to share my message with you and I want you to succeed in what you do. I want that success to come from your hard work, your dedication, and your commitment to YOURSELF!

Also I do this to show you, that no matter what the situation YOU can ALWAYS do just a little bit more. I am sharing this Weekend Challenge because I am very tired of hearing the excuses as to why people refuse to become better individuals, better human beings. Again, I offer myself as the If this middle-aged, married, father of two, home owner, full time employee, Veteran, and author can do it, there is really no excuse for YOU NOT TO ADD JUST ONE THING TO DO. Something just for you. I know you can do it because I know you have it in you.

How do I know you have it in you? Because you have taken the time to read this and have made it this far. As I mentioned, I have just grown so very tiresome of ALL the nonsense, excuses, and BS that comes from the people that I know can take back control of their lives and turn themselves around and do something better. Do just one new thing better.
It is up to you. It is solely up to you to decide to stay right where you are, spinning your wheels or step up, step out, and make life better for you.


P.S. I forgot to mention, I am already on the lookout for the next thing to add to my ever growing list.