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Weekend Challenge #10 (03/28-29/2020): Revisit & Revise Your Goals


you weekend challenge has arrived

Listen to this weekend’s Weekend Challenge

Welcome To The Weekend. It is time for another challenge.

This weekend your challenge is to go back to the beginning. Basically, is to go back and review your goals for this past month.

I know things have changed our priorities, changed the situation of our lives, and change in general in that we are more at home; hunkered down.
Go back and pull out the file that has all your goals, vision, and mission written down. Remember, writing it all down is how we achieve those goals because they become real the moment you write them down. Once real, they are achievable.

However, now in this time of a new normal, we have to adapt, change, and overcome this new life we have been given. This new opportunity. In doing that we must work to reshape and refocus our priorities and our global view.

So as our main goals, the core of our goals will not change it is how we achieve it that will change. Our timelines and our schedules now have to change. We have to adjust to this new way of the New Normal and this New Normal is everybody’s New Normal.

This is happening to all of us. To all of us on the planet. Every citizen on this planet, all seven plus billion of us. It’s happening to us; it’s happening to all of us! You are NOT exempt and you’re not special, you’re not unique in that senses because you are a human being.

This is affecting the entire species. This is affecting the entire human race. All this is the great equalizer!

COVID-19 does not know who’s who. Who are the haves and have nots? Who has a TV show and who doesn’t have a TV show? Who is in politics and who is not in politics? Who is a parent and who is a child? Who is a boss and who is an employee? It doesn’t separate, it equals everyone, all together.

So please understand, this is happening to everybody but as individuals we still have to go on our lives. We still have to continue and we still have to set ourselves some goals and we still have to set ourselves a mission and vision and we have to see the future!

Folks, this is going to come to an end and this will stop. Then we will return to some kind of normalcy, that we once knew. I guarantee you this much, we have to be prepared to come out of this as better people, better human beings. We have to come out of this with a much greater sense of purpose than all just “about me poor me”.

The old “normal” days are over. Those days were over the moment that virus started spreading. That’s when the writing was on the wall. A lot of us chose not to see it and still so many continue to choose not to see it. Understand that we are forced to face it and one way or another that being said I offer you this week’s challenge: Sit down pull out your goals and to adjust your goal to reflect the new normal.

Get To Work!

Thanks for your time,

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The Walking Leader (dot) com’s Weekly Leadership Poll Question for this week (09/29 – 10/05) is: COMMUNICATION SHOULD BE A TOP PRIORITY FOR ALL LEADERS? (click here to answer)

Communication is the only priority. When it comes to leaders becoming leaders, staying leaders, and making new leaders communication is king. By this I mean there is no other form that will convey the message and sustain the message greater than communication.

Communication in all its forms is what drives leadership.

Whether it be written or spoken, the message of the leader to her followers and the message of the followers to the leader must be clear, concise, well read, understood and can be acted upon with impunity then the conveyance of the message is success. Why with impunity?

Impunity is defined as the “exception from punishment or freedom from the injures consequences of inaction“. Thus when the message is clear, concise and understood, there should be no worries about what actions need to be taken, as there is no misunderstanding. Unfortunately, not all forms of communications are this way. Most messages are riddled with ambiguity and most of all uncertainty. It’s a miracle any work gets done at all.

So, as the leader must lead by example it falls upon the leader to deliver any message (in any format) in a manner that the message is understood and can be acted upon. It is when a leader fails to deliver that caliber of message that the followers cannot act on the message. When open ended questions are asked the answers will vary almost to the level of missing the point of the question altogether and that is when the ambiguity and the uncertainty creeps in.

It falls on the leaders, all leaders at all levels of the organization, to ensure that they work on improving their communication skills. Whether it is practicing your speeches, practicing and honing their writing skills, or creating better graphics they have the responsibility to ensure the message is understood.

Of course, there are applications and software packages that will change text or create better looking designs but where is the leader learning to improve? If the leader turns over those functions of communication to a software package and washes his hands of personally improving the content then how is that leader getting better? The leader is not getting better.

The leader got into a position of leadership begin by doing the dirty work and the leader must continue to do that to dirty work even if it means cracking open a thesaurus, every once in awhile. Therefore, the leader must do everything he or she can to improve themselves personally and professionally. If they have to give the speech how are they going to get better there are no applications for that? What there is, is standing up in front of a mirror and practicing and speech over and over again.

Because the message is so important, communication IS a Top Priority. As I mentioned, Communication is what put the leaders in that position they are now. Communicating is what will keep them there. Communicating is how they will make new future leaders. And again as always, that is nonnegotiable!

– = – = – = –
David G. Guerra, MBA
email: [email protected]
twitter: @daveguerra
instagram: dave_guerra
facebook: thedavidguerra

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Look & Learn Before It’s Too Late

Recently, I ran across a situation where I was asked if I had done something. I had.

Seems to be an ongoing trend where individuals would rather be spoon-fed what they want to know (or demand to know) only to already have the answer in front of them. Meaning, they see themselves as too important to look for the response themselves.

Folks, Leaders cannot go around assuming there is no response. The answers are always there. Sometimes, there does not need to be any fanfare when something is completed. It is just done.

Leaders, please know and understand sometimes people will do what you say without following up with any micromanaging or “passively-aggressive” behavior. Only when it is NOT done should you act.

Remember, it is how you approach things that in your eyes may be “proactive” but is actually a front for being passive-aggressive. It is a fine line and if you do NOT see that fine line then guess what? You ARE being passive-aggressive!