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Podcast Entry: Work Ethic as a Soft Skill by David Guerra

In episode 138 of the Walking Leader Podcast, I continue talking about Learning Those Soft Skills series. In 138, I talk specifically about WORK ETHIC. Work Ethic is defined as a principle that “hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy

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VIDEO BLOG: Positivity & Negativity by David Guerra

Folks, today I have a treat for you: video In this video, I share an observation about POSITIVITY affecting NEGATIVE PEOPLE. (fyi: i did say “negative nellies”)

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David Guerra’s Daily Challenge for Monday February 13, 2017

ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN B. Always have a Plan B. Yes, I know there is people that say, “Why have a plan B or why have a plan A if you are going to have a Plan B?” Remember, it

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