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#DareToBe for Tuesday, March 5, 2019: Dare To Be Fearless

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Folks, last night I participated, once again, in my favorite Tuesday Evening Twitter Chat: #DareToBe.  As usual the #DareToBe Tweetchat is hosted by my friend, Andrea Sanchez (twitter handle: @asanchez16). The participants are a great group with each delivering insightful responses that typically lead to deeper discussions. This happens every Tuesday evening. To see some of the responses please click here (a new window will open),

Last night’s topic was DARE TO BE FEARLESS.

There are always Ten questions and Ten Answers plus a bonus Question and Answer.

Here are the questions and my answers.

Q1: Define fear. #DareToBe
A1. Fear is that little voice that SCREAMS at you when you are contemplating doing something new. #DareToBe

Q2: Name one fear that you believe holds people back. #DareToBe
A2. The fear of being considered a “loser” by complete strangers. #DareToBe

Q3: It’s normal to have fears. When do they actually become a problem? #DareToBe
A3. Fear is a part of life. It is our defense mechanism at work. It becomes a problem when that defense mechanism is the only thing working and we ignore the TRY mechanism #DareToBe

Q4: What can you ask yourself to determine if a fear is rational or irrational? #DareToBe
A4. Is your gut telling you to be afraid or are others (as in outsiders) telling you? #DareToBe

Q5: Give an example of an irrational fear you may have. #DareToBe
A5. An irrational fear I have is that of acting on impulse without having all the info I need. #DareToBe

Q6: “Do one thing every day that scares you.” –Eleanor Roosevelt Agree/disagree? Elaborate. #DareToBe
A6. AGREE! 100% If you don’t feel just a small twinge of fear daily then what have you got left to do? #DareToBe

Q7: What are some often disguised behaviors associated with fear? #DareToBe
A7. The “You go first” or the “I hear my mom calling me” behaviours. beh#DareToBe

Q8: Give a tip on how one can calm down when feeling fearful. #DareToBe
A8. Take a deep breath, look up at the sky or if at night then look at the stars. Looking up helps to calm down. #DareToBe

Q9: Fear can also be good. What positive role can fear play? #DareToBe
A9. Fear can play a positive role in that it will force us to THINK things through before acting. #DareToBe

Q10: ______________ is the key to conquering fears. #DareToBe
A10. Knowing that if you can overcome fear you can overcome anything is the key to conquering fears. #DareToBe

Q11: Tomorrow I will dare to face my fears _________________. #DareToBe
A11: Tomorrow I will dare to face my fears by knowing that what does not kill me WILL make me stronger (it always does). #DareToBe

There you go my answers to the #DareToBe tweetchat. If you find yourself with some time on Tuesday evening, starting at 8PM Eastern/7pm Central, then please consider joining us for this awesome, insightful, thought provoking and always informative hour.


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The Daily Dave #030 (4 Feb 16) by David Guerra

…and it’s Thursday.
Today, I continue my new audio / podcast series, “The Daily Dave”, and I will do so until I can or you can come up with a new or different name.

The purpose is simple: Talk and share about what’s happening in life and our lives in Business, Personal, and Social Media side of things

In this episode, I talk about Twitter followers and unfollowers. The ethics and morals behind following people only to unfollow them when they follow you..

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Twitter #DareToBe Tweet Chat: Memories (Tuesday, December 22, 2015)

Every Tuesday evening at 8pm Eastern, the #DareToBe tweetchat takes place on Twitter. The #DareToBe tweetchat is hosted by Editor, Writer, and Communications Executive Andrea Sanchez (@asanchez16).

Every week a different topic. On the evening of December 22, 2015, the topic was MEMORIES. I could not capture all the twitter based answers to the 10 questions asked by @ASanchez16. However, I present the questions and  my answers (with a bit of amplification). Please enjoy and if you can, please joins us. Look for the #DareToBe hashtag every Tuesday evening.

Also, I invite you to follow me on twitter: @DaveGuerra.


  • Q1: To remember involves daily and lifelong moments. What makes one particular thought stand out? #DareToBe
    A1. Sometimes it is the littlest thing that will trigger a memory. A scent, a song, the look of the sky, the stillness of the night. anything really  #DareToBe
  • Q2: The best memories involve ______________. #DareToBe
    A2. The best memories involve those times when I was with very special & important people in my life. #DareToBe
  • Q3: What is one of your favorite childhood memories? #DareToBe
    A3. Hanging out with my cousins at my grandparent’s home after a two day drive from DC to Texas #DareToBe
  • Q4: Happy memories make you happier. Agree/disagree? Explain. #DareToBe
    A4. Agree. I believe happy memories make me happy in that they are a catalyst for making more happy memories #DareToBe
  • Q5: We all do this. We keep items to help us remember a person, event, etc. Describe the item you are thinking of. #DareToBe
    A5. I have my pieces of the Berlin Wall. Great times, Sad times, Fantastic Time in History to be there. #DareToBe
  • Q6: “We do not remember days. We remember moments.” –Cesare Pavese/ Give an example of a recent moment. #DareToBe
    A6. This year’s Veterans Day presentations at my children’s schools. Both were very active participants in the presentation. #DareToBe
  • Q7: When memories are negative, how can one overcome living in its shadows? #DareToBe
    A7. By acknowledging they happened & doing what it takes to not repeat or not have those memories repeated in real life. #DareToBe
  • Q8: How can memories be used to make a team, family or friendship stronger? #DareToBe
    A8. Those memories build unity and create a unique level of cohesion that is shared by those that have the common memory/experience #DareToBe
  • Q9: What memories play a part in your holiday traditions or celebrations? #DareToBe
    A9. All of them. From that year with the aluminum tree to the year we had goose for Christmas Dinner #DareToBe
  • Q10: This holiday I will dare to make a happy memory by _____________. #DareToBe
    A10. actively participating and encouraging others to be an active part of the magic. #DareToBe

If you like this kind of conversation then I do invite you to join us every week on Twitter. Thanks and as always #DareToBe Unique!