On Being Thankful (part 2)

As a businessperson‬ are you thankful‬ for the people that follow you?
Or as a businessperson are you ONLY thankful for people that shop with you?
Or as a businessperson are you less than thankful for those that don’t buy from you?
Or do you not care about them until they buy from you?

Do you see where I’m going with this?

As a businessperson, I am just as grateful for everyone that even looks at my street sign as I am for everyone that buys from me. I know that not everyone can be my >customer‬ but I do know and I wholeheartedly agree that everyone can be my friend‬.

So ask yourself, are you only grateful for the paying customers?
If that’s all you care about or are truly grateful for then, I PROMISE, you are in business‬ for all the wrong reasons!

to be continued…


On Being Thankful (part 1)

In these days of being Thankful for who and what we have, one has to take the time to reflect on what he (or she) has done and failed to do. Then question why they failed to do that what they knew in their heart was the right thing to do.

Knowing the answer is one thing but many become paralyzed when it comes time to take action. Thus the cycle is repeated. What’s the point?

The point is do what you know in your heart and mind you MUST do. You will never be the leader you want to be by doing things like trying to please all the people all the time or making everyone happy but yourself.

Being Thankful and Grateful has to begin with you! Be Thankful to yourself first! Be Grateful that you had the opportunities you have had and know that by being Thankful and Grateful to YOURSELF you will have many, many more opportunities heading your way and along for the ride right beside you will be those that matter the most.


To Be Continued…

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DISRUPTIVE-SHARPIERemember when the ‪‎Sharpie‬® was ‪DISRUPTIVE‬?

Most of you are too young to remember when the Plain Old Sharpie was the new kid on the block.

The ‪Pen‬ industry hated the Sharpie because people were no longer going to scratch out errors with pens.

Parents‬ and ‪Teachers‬ hated it because of the graffiti on the ‪#‎bedroom‬ and ‪#‎classroom‬ walls that was going to be so very difficult to remove.

Printers hated the Sharpie because people no longer needed them to print up those fancy colored banners, flyers and posters.

Marks-A-Lot®  is a VERY serious ‪competition‬ but not good enough to over take Sharpie®.

NOW, the SHARPIE industry is BOOMING. Companies were founded and jobs were created with the sole purpose of removing SHARPIE based ‪‎graffiti‬ from walls. Last time I checked, Marks-A-Lot and other permanent ‪marker‬ or indelible marker companies are very much in ‪business‬.

That’s a well and good but sadly over the years the good old Sharpie is NO LONGER a disruption. The Sharpie is now just part of the modern workplace background. Sure they have delivered with more colors and styles but never could they return to that fantastic moment of disruption. Then again, that is a company not an individual. Individuals must be disruptive. Constantly disruptive.

From an early age, we are disruptive. We want need attention from our mother, our father, our family, the world around us.


STAY DISRUPTIVE or become part of the background.

The choice is yours! Personally, I prefer you, me, all of us be as DISRUPTIVE as possible for as long as possible.