An Observation on Change by David Guerra for January 2, 2019

As I have been talking about, referring to, advocating, screaming at, looking over the horizon yet only to fall on deaf ears.

CHANGE is here. CHANGE is happening. CHANGE is not going away. CHANGE is a permanent party to life. A constant companion one would say. Change is a lot like the tide. It is constantly rises and falls. The tide is the epitome of change, as it is ALWAYS transitioning from one form to another. As obvious as it is, it must be written in hopes that it will sink in: Change is Fluid.
drifting with the tide

Far too many, while hating change, will give in and ride it out. Their idea of change is drifting with the tide. Yet, when they swim out too far then the fear sets in. Fear sets in because people are taken by surprise when they suddenly realize they have gone too far out to sea. The undertow has taken them to the point of losing sight of the shore.

They start to scramble and look for someone to blame. Someone to blame? Yes, people reach out scrambling for a lifeline when there is none to be had. Fumbling in the water like a fish caught on dry land is sad and comical. Yet, those that are looking for safety of the shore also look for others to step on, push down, or grab hold only to suffocate and drown because both are now too far out to make it back.

Then there are those rare few that will drift with the tide long enough to no go out too far, yet enjoy the struggle of getting back. Unfortunately, they are also the ones that will tax others as they make their way ashore.

Folks, the only way to avoid getting caught so far offshore is to avoid drifting with the tide. However, if your idea of change is to drift with the tide, then learn to love the undertow. Because once you are too far out, you have to work your own way back in to shore. Yes, you have to put in the work before, during, and after change.

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David G. Guerra, MBA
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