An Observation on Change by David Guerra for January 1, 2019

2019. This time around and the calendar has changed. A new day has begun. A there is a wild sense of something new. Something Exciting. Most of all, something good.

JOHN W. GARDNER is quoted as saying: “Pity the leader caught between unloving critics and uncritical lovers.

John W Gardner quote as seen on Dave Guerra dot com

I like it. I like it so much that this now becomes one of my defining benchmarks of when change is needed, necessary, created, initiated, started, made, and/or acted upon.

This quote is the realization of when it is time to initiate change. To me this quote is telling my that I have reached a neutrality, center, neither right or left, nor up or down. Right smack in the middle. YIKES!!! While it feels like I am appeal to everyone, no one is telling me whether I am good or bad. Some nights it is even difficult to hear the crickets. Now that is the epitome of radio silence.

The Time To Execute Is NOW!

When you find yourself at the center of these two points in life then and only then should you take the reins on change. Good or bad, it does not matter what does matter is that change must happen. Sure you can try to control it but in the end change controls you.

Change does one better in that it has a knack of speeding your heart rate. While lack of change also controls you. All that lack of change really does is to turn an open wound gangrenous and make it most suitable for amputation. How do you like that for change? I didn’t think so.

See the edge, look over, and take that dive!

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David G. Guerra, MBA
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