An Observation on Change by David Guerra for January 3, 2019

They say when it comes to change the “proof is in the pudding”. The proof being whether the change is good or bad. Unfortunately, that proof is not revealed until it is done. Sure, sometimes we have an indication as change is well underway. Just like with pudding, when we learn the milk may have curdled because we cooked it for too long, the same applies with change. As it may not be in our favor, unfortunately we cannot put another pot of milk when change shows sign of not going our way.

Success comes from accepting change

That is what change is all about. Whether it goes our way or not change has to run its course. However, there are those times when change has run its course that while it seemed not to go our way, it makes a 180 and it was going our way all along.

That’s change for you. Just when it looks like all is lost, a new page turns and all is revealed. Sadly, there are those that do not want to wait for change to arrive at its natural conclusion. Those that do not wait have to deal with the fact that more change is just around the corner. Sometimes, OK most of the time, that change begins before the current change even has a chance at ending. In all actuality, change is a never ending, multiple layer process, in that in all aspects of life, your life, my life, our lives, everything and everybody is constantly undergoing change. Therefore, I highly recommend the sooner you get acquainted with accepting the complexities and intricacies of change the sooner you can get on with life and the success that comes with accepting change.

Success in accepting change?

Most certainly there can be success in accepting change, even when it does not go your way. The success comes with being able to address the need of rolling with the punches and ultimately making the results of change not as damaging to your ego. As having the foresight to accept change you also have the unique ability to adjust your life now and not later when most people do when they refuse to accept that change is coming.

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David G. Guerra, MBA
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