About Putting In The Weekend Work

As the sun rises (like it does every other day) it is your mission to meet the new day’s challenges and raise the stakes by overcoming those challenges then adding a few more before the day comes to an end.

Remember as a leader your job does NOT end Friday at 5PM and starts up on Monday at 8AM. If that is what you believe then you are NOT a leader. A Leader is ALWAYS ON! The only time a leader stops is when followers have lost confidence in your leadership ability.

Seriously, if you believe it stops on Friday and begins on Monday then please stop FOOLING yourself because you are NOT a leader, hell you are not even a manager. You are a follower, a “life-long follower”.

Why are you are follower? I say this because when the time comes you would rather head out to the club, sleep in, or better still IGNORE your own personal growth and development.

A true leader makes time to go out, enjoys sleeping in but most of all and above all else makes personal and professional growth and development a top priority. Believe It!

A real leader recognizes once Monday 8AM rolls around it is about the individual(s) he or she leads. It is about their time to grow (personally and professionally). It is about them shining because you are their leader and not the other way around, that’s a manager mindset.

Again, I challenge you to change my mind: If you do not believe that your duty is to ensure others are Learning, Growing, & Developing then you are NOT a leader.

Now get to work on making yourself better than yesterday. Be a better example today than you were yesterday and most of all you deserve to be considered a leader. Do what it takes to lead.

Have A Great Weekend.

David G. Guerra, MBA
Author of the Walking Leader and Great To Follow
twitter: @DaveGuerra
facebook: www.facebook.com/thedavidguerra
instagram: dave_guerra