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Change (this parent’s view of it)

There is another opportunity for change just around the corner. See here at the Guerra home, the school year is rapidly coming to an end. My youngest is about to move into his last year of middle school and my first child is about to enter college as Freshman.

Of course, my family and I are not unique in this situation. There are countless other families all over the nation going the exact same thing. Kids are graduating high school and moving up and out. That’s what kids are supposed to do.

Now is the time to see what we, as parents, have done in raising our children. Are they ready to face the world or at least, are they ready for the next grade?

There are so very few times in our lives that we get to see the products of our labor (of love). Soon we will know if what we have been doing is going to take, going to work. It is like raising crops. The farmer is out there every day taking care of the soil, watering the plants, plucking the weeds, and if need be, throwing down a little pesticide to get rid of the vermin that tries to sneak in. Then in the end, your crop comes in and ready to be enjoyed by the world. Yes, I do believe it is a little like that.

You raise your kids, you put in the work and when they take that first step out into the world they will be ready.

But what if??

Done right there are NO but’s or what if’s.

But what if?

Done right you do not even have to ask the question.

But what if?

Seriously, if you have to ask then you have already failed them.

If what I just wrote sounds harsh then welcome to the real world. It is harsh. The real world is not all rainbows and butterflies. The real world is hard. It is difficult and most of all it is REAL! It is also full of change.

Ready or not, the world eagerly awaits the arrival of your children. Whether they succeed or fail it does not matter (they will success anyway). What does matter is that they get out there and try. Remember, it is all about change.

And when it comes to change, it’s in the trees, it’s coming.

by David G. Guerra, MBA
Author of the Walking Leader and Great To Follow
twitter: @DaveGuerra
instagram: dave_guerra