A New Day / A New New (a.k.a That Was Yesterday) by David Guerra

“But that was yesterday. I had the world in my hands but it’s not the end of my world. Just a slight change of plans. That was yesterday. But today life goes on. No more hiding in yesterday.  ‘Cause yesterday’s gone, ooooh!”
– Foreigner “That Was Yesterday”

So today is Sunday! For most places on the planet today is the first day of the week. It is the first day listed on the majority of the calendars I have seen in my limited travels around the planet. Sure there are unique and different calendars out there but none of them threaten the standard of Sunday being the first day of the week. With that being said let’s press on.

There is a song that I like a lot when it comes to addressing today and tomorrow and most importantly, in what place to put yesterday and the yesterdays before yesterday. If you have not guessed it by now (looking at the embedded video), it is “That Was Yesterday” by Foreigner. It was released in 1984 as I was starting my senior year of high school and challenges the future was about to bring me.

However. that was quite some time ago and yet, the song still reverberates as I like to go back to the music from time to time not to get stuck in the “days of old” but to remind myself that for as much as things have change they still remain the same.

Right now, another batch of high school seniors have graduated. They have fallen over the guard rail that was high school and are now falling head first beyond the precipice and into the future. The uncertain future. Sure some of them may know where they are going next such as College, University, Trade School, US Armed Forces, etc. but even then that is not a done deal. Yet, they, like I did so many years ago, moved into the future because there is no alternative to that option.

Moving forward can be a difficult thing or relatively easy.

It can be difficult for those that are stuck in their hay-day of high school. Almost all of us, know who I am talking about. That guy that is living his glory days of throwing the game winning touchdown or catching the game winning touchdown or that cheerleader who was the most popular for 4 years in her past. They are quick to let you know and don’t forget their cronies then, that for some weird reason are their cronies now. WHY?

Then there are those that have moved on. Sure we look back every once in a while. However, when looking back it helps to use that backward glance to adjust your course as you navigate into the future. Remember the old adages, “you can never go home, again” or “a ship in port is not doing its jobs.” All that means you have to keep moving and not resting because resting means too much time on your hands. Once you find yourself with too much time on your hands you start you remember. Unfortunately, when people reach that point they start to remember the good times. Of course, they also look at the bad times with such anger and ferocity that the reasons are obscured as to what cause the bad times. They start to look for causes and usually they neglect to see themselves as a possible cause. That’s when things start to go askew.

Things go sideways because they want answers they may never ever get because others have moved on. That’s when the past gets tangled up in their present. In mixing the past with the present they begin pushing the future to the side. Folks, when the past overtakes the future there is no room for growth. The past is like a pool of stagnant water. It sits there, going no where. It just sits there getting murky, stinking from the pond scum. Eventually the life that was in that stale, stagnant pool will die, think of a pond that has depleted its oxygen. Sure it might be nice to look at but eventually the fish and other life in it will die. Once the fish die they will float to the top and start to decay. What was once teaming with life becomes a ugly, muddy, dirty mess that no one will want to come close let alone even think about.

Yet, those stuck in the past will find themselves believing that others created the dead pool of water that is their past. Obviously, completely oblivious that no one would touch that swamp gas filled pool of ugliness with a 10 foot pole. Yet, they continue believing someone else (not them) is responsible for the mess that continues in their lives. Thus, the cycle of not moving forward continues.

Folks! Those living in the past included, remember that it is NOT too late to turn looking toward a brighter and better future by just cease letting the past become your focus. Turn to face the future. It is the future we can change with a word, an action. The past is like a library filled with the thoughts, actions, and deeds of a time gone by. We can check them out but like all libraries we have to return them by the due date. And if you don’t return it by the due date there will be a fine.

Imagine, how wonderful the future you make will be. And yes you can check out the past. Do not fear thinking about yesterday so long as you remember ‘yesterday is gone”.

by David G. Guerra, M.B.A.
Author of the “Walking Leader” and “Great To Follow”
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