Look & Learn Before It’s Too Late

Recently, I ran across a situation where I was asked if I had done something. I had.

Seems to be an ongoing trend where individuals would rather be spoon-fed what they want to know (or demand to know) only to already have the answer in front of them. Meaning, they see themselves as too important to look for the response themselves.

Folks, Leaders cannot go around assuming there is no response. The answers are always there. Sometimes, there does not need to be any fanfare when something is completed. It is just done.

Leaders, please know and understand sometimes people will do what you say without following up with any micromanaging or “passively-aggressive” behavior. Only when it is NOT done should you act.

Remember, it is how you approach things that in your eyes may be “proactive” but is actually a front for being passive-aggressive. It is a fine line and if you do NOT see that fine line then guess what? You ARE being passive-aggressive!