Happy New Year: Focus On What You Can Change by David Guerra

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FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN CHANGE – So you won’t waste your time with something you can’t.

2020 has arrived. All the excitement, angst, anticipation, planning, goal setting and what not the time has come and there is no going back. No matter how much we want, there is no going back. However, far too many of us bring along (into the new year) things that keep dragging us back to the past. Thus, we never can move forward. However, by recognizing what you can and cannot change in your life can you begin to eliminate that which will cause you to spin your wheels and begin to grow those things in your life that you can change.



As I mentioned at the top of this post, the year 2020 has arrived. Time has us moving forward and for all of us moving forward is critical to our future success. Yet, we cannot go forward with things we cannot change be securely and firmly attached to our backs. No one can go successfully into the future where the things you cannot change continue to hinder us.

It is critical to moving forward that we move forward into 2020 and beyond, unencumbered (or lightly encumbered). The driving force that leads people towards success is knowing that any unnecessary item, belief, mindset that is not able to be changed will slow down the attempt at success. That is why reducing the load will allow you to move faster toward achieving your success.



When it comes to lightening the load the first thing to address is knowing what to cut loose. Lightening the load is done by successfully identifying what cannot be changed. The ability to successfully identify what cannot be changed is by far one of the easiest things you can do. Find that that is providing you resistance, friction, what you feel is holding you back. What makes that easy, is that you know what is holding you back, who is providing the friction, and what is offering the resistance.

Sadly, most people stop short of doing something about the resistance, the friction, and what is holding you back. Once identified, there is something you can do. It might be something that will cause you consternation but it is truly the only thing that can be done: STOP DEALING WITH THE PEOPLE AND THINGS YOU CANNOT CHANGE.



Recognizing what you can change is even easier to do. Start at the center. Start with yourself. That’s right, it is that simple. You are your most valuable asset.

Think about this: If you cannot take charge of yourself, then what good will you be to those you lead.

This means if you cannot work on change for yourself then how can you expect to inspire and motivate others? Thus, first and foremost you will work on determine what you have to work on, then make a list of your findings. Once your list is set, prioritize those items. Get To Work!!!

Remember, going forward you must actively focus on those things you can actively change. Focus that which you can control and never forget the mindset and beliefs of others are some of the things you are not going to change. So do not try. Just focus on yourself then working to change other aspects of your life will fall into place.

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