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September 2019: Embracing Change by David Guerra

September 2019

When we hear a word September immediately comes to mind trees losing their leaves, cool crisp mornings, football, and pumpkin spice lattes? Seriously, what we’re really doing is thinking about change. Change in the sense that everything around this is changing and so are we. However, we don’t think about ourselves as changing, only the environment changes.

As the song goes, ” seasons change” so must we. But we’re constantly evolving. We as human beings as individuals are constantly in a state of dynamic change. Believe it or not it is called getting older. That’s the dynamic part. As we age, we start to see ourselves in a whole different light. We see ourselves as that kid that was raking the leaves on the front yard and then jumping into the pile. Now we have to rake those leaves, but the last thing we want to do is jump into the pile. Hell, we might break a hip or something.

There’s the change. We get older we got wiser (well I hope we got wiser). Soon those cold Chris mornings will turn into blustery icy days. And sound winter will arrive. Winter comes to signify the end of the year. Winter is the last season and the cycle of plants trees, and just about everything else. Of course, all of that waits until spring when it gets born again. And change comes again.

But it comes to change, as individuals we tend to fight it. When it comes to change, as leaders we are taught and teach others to embrace it. Talk about the duality of man. We fight it and we embrace it and then we fight it again only to embrace it yet again.

And so, we struggled again, much like those gridiron warriors and two every Sunday afternoon. Battling back and forth across 100 yards of artificial turf but at the end of the day there is a winner. However, in our case we hope and pray it is the leader that comes out winning and not the individual. The leader has to win, in the sense that she knows that change while fleeting will come again. The leader must know that this week’s battle is one but we must prepare for the next battle next week or tomorrow morning or later this afternoon or three weeks now but you get my drift.

Enjoy December, after enjoying November, of course after enjoying October, but all that is moot as we still have to get through September. So, my friends I say enjoy the change in the season, enjoyed a change in weather, but most of all, enjoy September. It is only 30 days but these 30 days we’ll set the pace and the standard for the remaining months of this calendar year. These 30 days also said the standard by which the remaining days of this year will play out and eventually take this into the depths winter.

Embrace the change that is coming. Appreciate the change as it signifies time’s humility. Humility in that no matter what he can go fast in tank slowdown it goes at the pace that it has to go whether we like it or not. Time is humble and all I can do is keep us humble. And because time’s humility is not perfect it does grant us the perfect opportunity to live through the change that is coming.

Leaders, this one is for you: lead by example by embracing change and encouraging others to do so as well.

You have your mission

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David G. Guerra, MBA
twitter: @daveguerra
instagram: dave_guerra
facebook: thedavidguerra