David Guerra’s Daily Challenge for Friday February 10, 2017

David Guerra’s Daily Challenge for Friday February 10, 2017

You can make and control your own change

There will be times that change is based on you or something you did or are doing.

Then there will be times that change directly centers on you but is not of your origin or doing or control. No matter the cause or reason know that you can take control of that change.

Yes, it is not just rolling with the punches or riding the wave of change but you can directly steer that change in the direction you want it to go. Change while constantly moving it is dynamic. By dynamic I mean it can move around things, it can change course without any reason. You can do this. You can control change by getting out in front of it and directing the flow. You can do it. The trick is to do it.

You might not be 100% successful at first but after more and more practice you can steer just about any form of change in any direction. This time it is not just doing it but sticking to it long enough to masterfully control it.


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Thank you,
David Guerra

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