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Making A Weekly Contact List

When was the last time you made a contact list?

You know what I’m talking about. A contact list. A list of people you need to make contact with this week, next week, every week, ad infinitum.

No! I am not talking about the contact list you get from a Cold Call list. Those are nonsensical. This contact list is NOT about making cold calls. I am most definitely NOT talking about making warm calls either. I am talking about YOU making contact with people and talking to them. Just TALK! No sales, none of that nonsense. Just TALK!

You remember talking don’t you?

You dial up someone from your list, they answer, you say Hello, they say Hello, you ask “How are you doing?”, they answer you and a conversation is born.

Don’t talk about work unless they bring it up first. Of course, once they bring it up all bets are off. However, do not bait them into talking about work.

Just remember, that is NOT what the call was about. The call is ABOUT making contact. It is chiefly about calling and just talking about the weather, the family, next vacation or whatever other than work. That way the person you are calling does not always think you are only calling to make a sale. Also just checking in on people will make it easier for them to answer the phone the next time your name and number pops up on their caller ID screen.

They will want to talk to you (and that’s a good thing).

Who is on the CONTACT LIST?

Well, that is probably the simplest thing. EVERYONE!

OK, maybe not everyone in one sitting but do be selective.


Well kind of selective. It is easy. Do the following make a list of 20 people you will call this week. Next select 11 people that are NOT on your business contact list. Then fill in the remaining 9 with business contacts.Next week, repeat the process. Making absolutely certain that over 50% of your weekly contacts are NOT business related.

Now is the perfect time to make the contact list for this week. Do it and start making those calls!


P.S. Don’t be a chicken and send an email instead of making a phone call.