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Leadership in the News: Don’t Do The Crime If You Can’t Do The Time (an Ashley Madison Hack Tragedy)

A Father, Professor, and Pastor took his own life. It seems that this man was a member of the Ashley Madison website (if you don’t know what it is please look it up on your own). Recently, the website was hacked and ALL the info of members of that website were posted on several locations throughout the Internet. Some prominent names appeared on the AM membership rolls as did plain, old everyday people.

However, it seems that the Pastor felt that he could not deal with the potential of being found out as an individual that wanted a little something that the website could give him (or offered). Was it shame or that he felt he let his family down or those that looked up to him? He must have been in a dark place? Thus, the only solution he saw for himself was to take his own life.

Folks, LIFE IS NEVER THAT BAD. Everything can be fixed. Of all the people on that hacked list, he was probably one of the few that truly knew this and more than likely said the exact same thing to others, living in their own dark place, throughout his career as a Pastor.

What you do on your own time is your business. However, when that starts to affect your profession then it might be time to reconsider your actions. Change your ways and get yourself back on track.

The point I am making is if you do the crime you better be prepared to do the time. Thus if you can’t do the time don’t do the crime. Be strong, face it head on and deal with it.

Personally, I believe that if the individual had stepped up and admitted the issue it would have made him a stronger person and a stronger leader. He could have turned this perceived negative into very much a positive. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

When adversity (real or perceived) strikes, it becomes the time for real leaders to step up and shine. Of course, if the adversity is of their own doing then it only serves to show her followers that the leader is human and will make mistakes. It is NOT the time to fall and refuse to get up one more time.

A leader that believes himself to be a true leader will get back up each and every time.
Please don’t be the next one to stay down. You must to stand up.

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