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Getting Because You Give

This week’s CHART focuses on YOUR Expectations of Getting Because You Give

Please pay attention the entire chart. If you are not paying attention, you WILL miss it.

On the left side (the VERTICAL), is YOUR level of Expecting Something in Return AFTER you gave something. The scale goes from HIGH Expectation to Low Expectation.

On the bottom (the HORIZONTAL), is WHAT YOU ACTUALLY GET BACK. The scale goes from the left, tagged as LITTLE, to the right, tagged as NONE. That’s right it goes from LITTLE to NONE!

Folks, if you want to live a VERY HAPPY LIFE then just STOP expecting something in return after you gave something. Unless, you are in a department store and you pay for something they you better get something in return. That is call COMMERCE.

However, as we are in the season of giving, please DO NOT expect to get anything back. Go around flaunting that you gave with the sole intention of getting a compliment or a pat on the back; seriously?

If you expecting something in return is why you do things, then do yourself a huge favor and STOP GIVING. Give because you want to and NOT because you want the accolades and validation. Seriously, just stop.

I am David Guerra and I said this!

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Bell Curve of Challenging Yourself


You want a better life? You want to get more out of it than what you currently have?

Well, NOTHING is going to change until YOU decide the time to change is NOW! The time to make something better of yourself is here.

You cannot better yourself if you decide to never challenger yourself.

Get that notion that people owe you something and you are just waiting to collect, out of your head. That is NEVER going to happen, again because NO ONE OWES YOU A GOSH-DARN THING! NO ONE!

So get up and start challenging yourself every day. Be consistent and soon, this I guarantee, you will find yourself way ABOVE THE AVERAGE PERSON that is living an AVERAGE LIFE.


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Chart: Self-Esteem Levels

This week’s CHART focuses on the Level of Your Self-Esteem & the Amount of People That Will Value You

Look at this chart very carefully. Look at what it is trying to say. It is plain as day. If you have low self-esteem then a low number of people will value you.

As we slide up the chart the value people will place in directly increases as the level of your self-esteem increases.

It truly is not rocket science. Folks, the ability to raise your SELF-ESTEEM is always there. While people increasing the value they put in you is NOT within you power. However, never raise your SELF-ESTEEM for others, only do it for yourself.

However, if you ever find yourself in a position where you have to ask why people do not value you, then do something about it. Better yourself and your will see how overall everything gets better. Only if you try.