About Creating Drama – A Chart

Drama! Who doesn’t like drama? Everyone likes some drama. Everyone really likes drama when it involves other people. Sometimes, we even like a little drama in our own lives. It keeps life interesting.

What most people do NOT like is hearing about drama all the time. Seriously, that kind of nonsense is not healthy. It is not healthy in the sense that no one needs so much drama in their lives. It is not healthy in that the more drama is constantly being shared the more people will want to stop hearing about it.

They will also equate the individual sharing the drama of others as the kind of individual that is sharing their own life to others (drama or not). The scary part is that when no drama is available, these individuals will create drama only to validate their own existence.

Great Individuals, Great Leaders do not become Great because of the drama they create, especially when there is none to create.

Those individuals with the low standards and boundaries are the first ones to look at when drama is being created out of thin air. Through whatever misguided sense of having to make themselves the center of attention by sharing or creating any kind of drama are NOT a leader anyone wants to follow. Ultimately, they will become the individuals that no one will want to have around.

Again, you create what you make and you get what you give.

Until Next Week,
David Guerra