High Quality Decision Making – A Bell Curve

We make decisions every day. Turn right, turn left. Drive fast, drive slowly. Say Yes or say no. No matter what we choose the decisions we make also have outcomes that are either expected or unexpected. They are right or they are wrong. However, once made and acted on a decision and its outcome can never be changed.

It is for that reason that every decision, no matter how mundane, must be made with above average quality. What does Above Average Quality mean? It means that with every decision we make those decisions with more than just a passing glance or quick overview. It must be done with a deeper understanding of the question and anticipating the various outcomes.

Making High Quality decisions does not guarantee that positive outcomes will occur. What it does guarantee is that you thought things through and in anticipating the possible outcomes you were prepared to deal with those unexpected issues.
The higher the quality decisions you make will make your life Above Average.

By continually, working on improving your decision-making skills you will maintain making high quality decisions. Stop or fail altogether, then you will get exactly what you deserve.

Folks, I am not kidding when I ask if you want a better life and respond by saying you do. Then the only way to get that “BETTER LIFE” is by doing what it takes and having NO choice but to put in the work. Contrary to popular belief there are no short cuts to SUCCESS and a “BETTER LIFE”.

Thank you,
David Guerra