Maintaining Above Average – A Bell Curve

Maintaining an Above Average level of Standards can either be the most difficult thing you can do or the easiest thing to do.

Maintaining an Above Average level is most difficult when you lack the discipline, the commitment, the dedication, and most of all the SELF-RESPECT to move beyond what you know you must do.

Having the Self-Respect, Discipline, Dedication, and Commitment must become almost second nature.

Once you move up to a higher level of standards, the same need remains for discipline, dedication, commitment and most of all, Self-Respect. The need remains because as I continue to mention it is hard work to keep raising your standards.

The moment you slip and decide it is “too difficult” to keep putting in the work is the exact moment you fall back into your past and welcome back with open arms all that has kept you down.

I am not here to tell you to get to work, but I am here to tell you, you get exactly what you put in.

Until Next Week, I am David Guerra and I approve this message.