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Weekend Challenge #04 (02/15/2020): READ A BOOK!

you weekend challenge has arrivedHERE IS YOUR WEEKEND CHALLENGE: READ A BOOK

This weekend’s challenge is probably one of the most difficult challenges I have issued. It is difficult in that everyone (myself included) perceive ourselves as NOT having enough time to read a book.

Then comes the inevitable excuse of which book to select?

Then comes some other lames ass excuse of they cost too much!

Did you know in just about every town and city in the United States there is one building that people can go to and find a book to read?

The Public Library

The public library was set up on the premise giving people an opportunity to read any book in their stacks and the opportunity to check out (borrow) the book to read at home. Then two weeks later the book is returned having been read cover to cover.

But what if you do not want to go to the library because it seems beneath you or some other excuse?

As you are reading this challenge, I know you have access to the Internet.

Therefore, allow me to introduce you to Amazon dot com. Amazon not only sells books at price set by the author or its publisher. Did you know that many of the authors that are selling their books through Amazon also sell them for the deep discounted price of $0.00?

That’s right, you can sign up for the Amazon Kindle app and soon you can be reading books at no cost to you.

But what about those that do not want to share their private information with a large mega corporation?

Uh, let me let you in on a little secret: Amazon, Google, and Yahoo probably already know more about you than you know about yourself. The information about your online habits and such is already made available to them by the analytics they can capture when you visit any of their sites or use their services.

So please stop with the excuse of not wanting to share your information. If you do not believe me about how much information you are sharing take a look at the itemized receipt from you last trip to the grocery store. Trust me when I say, just by looking at your receipt your grocer knows your shopping habits better than you.

They have the exact same information on that receipt which in turn they use to predict how many turkeys to order in time for Thanksgiving and when the cold and flu season is hitting your home. They can also extrapolate information such as the number of pets you have, when your kids are entering the teenage years of their lives, they can also tell when your kids leave the home. Do you see where I am going with this? Face it, they have plenty of information on you already.

Still not convinced? That’s fine there is one more service I would like to share with you: Project Gutenberg (

Project Gutenberg is an eBook service with over 60,000 FREE selections. Seriously, who can turn down a free book to read? You can read it on your smart phone, android tablet, iPad, PC, heck you can even read it off your Internet enable television. WOW! Can you believe that? We NOW live in a future that we can read a book using the Television screen. Folks, this is the future and the future is wanting you to learn, to empower yourself, to make you a better person. The Future wants you to be BETTER than you were Yesterday.

There is NO EXCUSE to not read a book this weekend.

The ONLY real excuse is there is NO Excuse!

Thus, I CHALLENGE YOU to get yourself a real or virtual book and READ something new and exciting!

I CHALLENGE YOU to LEARN something new this weekend.

I CHALLENGE YOU to DISCOVER something different this weekend.


I CHALLENGE YOU to tell me know what you are reading this weekend.


Get to Work!