On Leadership (again)

Today, starts a new series I am calling “On Leadership”. This series will utilize text and images to convey my thoughts, views, and insights on Leadership.

Each post is brief, to the point and most of all, to be used as a conversation starter. So, let’s get the conversation started:

Leadership begins by listening

A TRUE Leader does not need any fancy title or recognized position to be the epitome of leadership. A TRUE LEADER only needs a little patience, understanding, the ability to understand and act on the power created by ACTIVELY LISTENING!

Listening is the key to ensuring that the mission and vision of the organization is understood. Listening also gives the leader a very unique insight on how those they lead are doing. When a leader listens to those he or she are responsible for, the leader gets to feel better because of the level of understanding and comprehending how those individuals work, what they bring to the organization, and how they make the company a better place.

Failing to listen, even once, is the fast track to losing the respect and responsibility of being a leader. When a leader fails to listen, that leader fails. The leader fails not only those he or she leads, but also fails the organization who has been entrusted to be the leader they claimed to be, and most of all, that leader fails him- or herself.

Failing to listen is NOT the standard. No matter what is going on, what deadlines have to be met, what must be done before the end of the day, week or month, that LEADER must LISTEN.

Listening 100% of the time! Give LISTENING a try and see what happens!
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