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#DareToBe Tweet Chat – Session: 042616

On Tuesday, April 26, 2016 the #DareToBe Tweetchat hosted by Andrea Sanchez (@asanchez16) took place.
The #DareToBe topic was CHOICES

The following are Andrea’s ten questions and my answers.

Q1: A choice is _____________. #DareToBe
A1. A choice is having the option to take action or not taken after collecting data and forming a plan of action  #DareToBe

Q2: What/who affects your choices? #DareToBe
A2. The potential impact of my choices are what affect making them. Most times the good outweighs the bad.  #DareToBe

Q3: We often hear the words, “I have no choice.” Is that really true? Why/why not? #DareToBe
A3. Yes, sometimes outside forces dictate whether or not an employee can be kept on the payroll (see oil industry for more info) #DareToBe

Q4: Give examples of choices you recently made (one big, one small). #DareToBe
A4. Fired a customer because of the lack of respect and bad behavior by that customer. #DareToBe

Q5: Is there a difference between picking and choosing? Explain. (inspired by @GreenChileAdict) #DareToBe
A5. picking and choosing: I can pick berries but I can choose to eat them or not. #DareToBe

Q6: Why is it difficult for some people to make choices? #DareToBe
A6. Fear of the unknown. So many options = so many options to fail (or SUCCEED) #DareToBe

Q7: Does choosing mean that we can’t have it all? (Inspired by @StrategicMonk 5 seconds ago) #daretobe
A7. Reality is we can never have it all. When we get what we want we want more. (i.e., cell phone storage always at capacity) #DareToBe

A8: “Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.” Give an example. #daretobe
A8. Firing that long time customer. He always paid and brought in big projects but it had to be done. #DareToBe

Q9: What question may you ask yourself when deciding over A or B? #DareToBe
A9. Almost always it’s “what will the outcome be if I don’t choose A?” then ask for B. #DareToBe

Q10: The choices I make matter because _______________. #DareToBe
A10. The choices I make matter because the outcome will always impact someone’s life. #DareToBe

Q11: Tomorrow I will dare to choose ________________. #DareToBe
A11. Tomorrow I will dare to choose to be even more deliberate in my decision-making. #DareToBe

I invite you to join us on Twitter every Tuesday evening at 8PM Eastern / 7PM Central. Look for the #DARETOBE hashtag.