An Observation on Perfection

As a leader, you will find yourself surrounded by different people. These people will come in all shapes and sizes. They will come with differing mindsets and different ways of doing things. Yet, there is one thing everyone has in common is everyone wants to be perfect, everyone wants to have the perfect job and do the job near perfection. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Everyone, everywhere has their own unique flaws as well as our own unique strengths. Those unique flaws and strengths are what makes everyone different and guess what; it makes them not so perfect.

The sooner you realize that no two people are like and know that when you lead will react or respond the same way, the sooner life will be perfect. Perfect in the sense that everyone can get the job done doing it their way and not your way. Sure to your way may appear to be the best way to you that to them that could be the long way or the hard way. Of course, there are going to be certain times, situations and events that will call for nothing but your or with those before you have found to be a quicker or better way. Please share those situations because it makes you look like a caring leader and a leader that would rather watch people make their mistakes when they can to prevent the mistakes are happening altogether.

But remember, the perfection comes from knowing that everyone is different and will act and performed differently. As long as the expected results will be the same and how they perform will yield those expected results who cares if it is not perfect?
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