An Observation on Truth

an observation on truth by david g guerra

Sunday, December 2, 2018: Out for a quick jog early this cool, crisp morning just the Moon, Venus, and Me. The sun was still below the horizon. For the moments we three were together, we were the only things that existed. Then it hit me: Reality. We are all that exists. What we see, what we feel, what we know is all that is real and what we believe.

At an early age we are taught to believe in certain things and shun others. But do not ask why (it just is). However, we are taught not to follow our friends off the bridge of their choosing, yet we are damned to eternal strife if we do not believe wine is blood and follow the line to the altar for a taste. The former MUST always be questioned while the latter must NEVER be questioned. WHY? Yet, the bridge and the blood are BOTH very much the same thing. WHY? Another never to ask is does he exist. Oh never question that. WHY?

Back to the reality of the moment, lately I find myself questioning what is real and what is not? What is here in this moment? Who lives and who does not? Questions and Questions and more Questions. Yet, not enough answers. The reality is there are NEVER enough answers. Maybe there is never enough time for the answers? Maybe I do not have enough time to get the answers? Then again none of us have time left for the answers.

Time or not enough time left I have to keep asking questions whether I get a truthful answer or a passing deflection it does not matter. What matters is to continually question everything. Why question everything? I do not really know why but I do know it has to do with remaining uncomfortable. As I looked up and stared at the crescent Moon and the planet Venus, all a blaze, the cool morning air made the sweat on my skin colder and another realization befell onto me: Truth is I cannot stop thinking about you. Why?

David G. Guerra, MBA
Veteran, Author, Trainer, Knowledge Sharer

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