Leadership During The Holidays

The holiday season is one of the most stressful yet wonderful time of the year. I know, I know tell me something new.

However, it seems that each holiday season is unique and never the same. As a leader, it now falls on you to lead and guide your team, your followers, your organization during the holidays and into the new year. Remember, after the first of the year there will be another 300 days until the holidays kick off, again.

Now let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. There is still plenty of work to do. There is always plenty of work to do but with the holiday season there are a few things that make work during the holidays quite unique: Time Slows Down, Employees Are Eager To Disconnect, Increase Need For Family Time, and Being Socially Active

• Things Then Slow Down

Allow the pace of the season to dictate the pace of your organization. By keeping things flowing and moving along you have allowed the tone to be set for the rest of the season. This means that as things pick up, let them. Then as they slow down, let them. However, do not allow the members of the organization to forget that it is still a place of business and work still needs to get done. There are calls to be answered, emails to be read, widgets to be produced, orders to be filled, invoices to be paid and so on.

• Employees Are Eager To Disconnect

The holiday season is also a great opportunity for employees to move beyond the everyday and into a world of pleasure, leisure, and times of old. Their minds will want to wander to what they will wear to the company Christmas party or what their Secret Santa will bring or whatever other seasonal thought enters and stays in their mind. As previously mentioned you have got to keep them focused and on tasked. Most importantly, be sure to emulate what you want them to do. Because if you start to slack off, rest assured this will quickly want to become a situation of  what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

• Family Time

You hear it all around you. Christmas and the Holidays are the time for family and friends. Make absolutely certain that you and those you are responsible for have the time to attend those family functions. Remember, you were once where they are now. You remember that one boss that did not care about what you wanted to do with your family. Actually, that boss cared about making sure no one screwed up so she could enjoy her time away. Encourage those that are parents to communicate early and often on what is going on. Then if your organization can organize schedules then adjust accordingly. When it comes time for your organization do something (i.e., Christmas Party) be sure to include the kids.

• Socially Active

Historically, this is the time of year you and your organization makes a socially responsible impact. Before you go off looking towards those organizations try looking inward before you look outward. Seek out and find those members of your organization that need a little extra help, push, and/or support. Help how you can and then look outward. Seek out those non-profit organizations you deal with and create a new bond with them. Not just for the holidays but for all year long. For example a local food bank, or homeless shelter or some other organization that you and your staff can become part of by supporting not just money but in service or product. THINK Outside the Box for all 365 days.

The time is now! The most wonderful time of the year is upon us and with a little communication you, your staff, your organization can make this wonder and magic of this holiday season last all year long. Give it a try.


As always if you have questions please ask.