Required Reading: 5 Books On Leadership (2017 Holiday edition)

The 2017 Holiday season is officially underway. While the holidays are the perfect for spending time with family, friends, and other loved ones, it is also time for you to go into low gear and slow things down a bit.

Slowing down should give you some time to yourself, so why not take advantage of that time to kick back and read a book or two (or five). Who knows you might learn a thing or two (or five).

Here is the list of books that I consider to be the PERFECT leadership reading during this holiday season. So pour yourself a glass of eggnog or make a cup of hot cocoa and get to reading because the holidays will be over before you know it.


Be, Know, Do: Leadership the Army Way by
U.S. Army, Frances Hesselbein, Eric K. Shinseki, Richard E. Cavanagh
The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue EXCELLENCE
by Thomas J. Peters
The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus: How to Get Big Things Done in YOUR “Workshop”…All Year Long
by Eric Harvey
Crush It!
by Gary Vaynerchuk
The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick)
by Seth Godin


Do you agree or disagree with this list. Let me know either by Twitter @daveguerra or by email or both.

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