The Hustle. The Grind. And Words of Motivation by David Guerra

Hustle. Grind. Those two words have recently got so much play. So much play in that they are now common place.
It seems that Hustling and Grinding has become the norm. Everyone is saying it and everyone believes it. They not only believe it but they are living it, as well.
So what’s the problem?
The only problem I see is sooner rather than later, as is in most cases, words like Hustle and Grind will lose their punch. They will fade into the background and join the words and phrases like; “go for it”, “kick it up a notch”, “awesome” and so on.
Once they fade away, what will replace them? What will be the new “Hustle” and “Grind”? Does it matter?
Does it matter?
Of course, it matters. I need motivation, you need motivation, we all need motivation. So long as people need motivation, there will be words to motivate them. There will be people to say those words to motivate others (and themselves).
As leaders, we have to do and say what it takes to motivate those we are responsible for and lead. Those that follow need to feel inspired, especially from those that voluntarily follow. When those words of motivation start to become commonplace, leaders must remain vigilant to not become someone spouting words that have become tired and old. Any leader that values his followers will ensure that what he or she has to say is fresh and most of all; relevant.
After all, that’s all that followers want.
A leader that is not only motivated but relevant 100% of the time and that’s non-negotiable.


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