The Value You Bring Others – A Chart


I know, I know, it does not matter what others think of you.
I 100% agree with you.

As a CURRENT or FUTURE LEADER your values are what you project. Your values are what others see and judge you by as a someone that is leading others now or want to lead others.

Face it, YOU will ALWAYS be known by & judged by the values you live by, the value others see and NOT the values you say you live by.

If your value system is nothing but a heaping pile of sewage & waste, well don’t be surprised when others shun you. Aside from others with the value system of a cesspool, who would want to be near you let along want to be led by you, now or in the future?

By working to improve on yourself by holding yourself accountable and taking responsibility for your actions then can you begin to improve your value system. Again, failing to continue to take responsibility or refuse to hold yourself accountable, people will less and less value you as a leader. Please KNOW that as the value diminishes so will your recognized ability to lead.

Once others can no longer see value in you as a leader, manager, or anyone that can accept any level of responsibility, and to recover from that admonishment you may never recover the level you once thought you deserved.

Start taking responsibility for your actions. Begin holding yourself accountable.
The sooner the better and it is NEVER too late to start.

I am David Guerra and I approve this message.


Education. Your Education – A Bell Curve


It does not take having a Ph.D. to know that without an ever-increasing level of education, you destined to remain right where you are. That is fine for some people but for those that bitch, whine, & moan about how they are not getting anywhere or believe they should be getting paid more for the limited level of responsibility they currently have, if any.

While some are happy being right where they are on the corporate ladder. There are others that REFUSE to remain on the lower rungs and in order to move the ladder they know building on and improving their level of education will make the journey to the top a little bit easier and faster but even then, the need to continue their education will never cease.

One thing I should clear up: Continuing your education does not have to be in a formal classroom setting, it does however involve you taking the initiative and doing something to make increasing your level of education happen.

You want success? Then that’s all up to you to achieve it.


About Creating Drama & Getting Caught – A Chart

Remember a couple of weeks back I talked about people creating drama, usually for their own validation.

There is another interesting observation that comes along with creating drama for the sake of creating drama.

Individuals, that create drama out of nothing usually do so without ever accepting any level of responsibility for that drama.

They will deny, point fingers, accuse others to the point that they will get physical in order to deflect the blame off of themselves even when they are caught red-handed.

These self-centered individuals will play the role of victim at the drop of a hat. These individuals cannot be reasoned with as they have no clue or idea on how to accept responsibility for their actions.

Be very careful when dealing with this type of toxicity as they can quickly turn on you. It will ultimately turn back to them being the victim making easier for them to NOT accept responsibility. They will never even dream about holding themselves accountable as they truly believe they have done nothing wrong and everyone is out to get them.

Proceed with caution when encountering this species.

Thank You & Until Next Week,
David Guerra