This week’s CHART focuses on YOUR VALUE SYSTEM & SUCCESS

It continues to be a running theme (and it will be for a long time to come) when it comes to the VALUE SYSTEM you have, one thing is certain that VALUE SYSTEM will impact your current and future SUCCESS.

There is no way around that fact. As you are the driver of your SUCCESS and your SUCCESS is fueled by your VALUES then it is SOLELY up to you whether you SUCCEED or FAIL. It is that simple.

For instance, if you have cesspool level VALUES then your success will never be greater than that of a full & stinky OUTHOUSE.

But if your VALUES are high and kept at the high level then your level of SUCCESS will increase. Remember, the moment you stop working on your system of VALUES is also the moment your success stops growing. There is no free ride. There is no ONE & DONE when it comes to success. Look at those news stories of LOTTERY WINNERS losing it all.

They lost it all because while there is no such thing as INSTANT SUCCESS. They lost it all because their value system was so low that they could not deal with their rapid payout. They were still living with their VALUE system based on something they have always known. Now when confronted with something they never knew they retreated back to what they have always known only to put them right back where they started.

Change yourself by changing your current mindset to elevate yourself based on improving your VALUE SYSTEM. Thus, placing YOU on a PATH to SUCCESS.

For those that need a little more explanation: When I say SUCCESS, I mean SUCCESS in LIFE to include but not limited to RELATIONSHIPS, FINANCE, and EDUCATION.

I am David Guerra and I said this.