Your Standards & Boundaries – A Chart For You

Then comes setting your boundaries. Plain and simple if you have NO BOUNDARIES then that is just an open invitation to let anyone into your life. Most certainly, there is the possibility that High Quality individuals may enter your life but if you have little to no boundaries do not expect those High Quality People to stick around or arrive in herds. However, those that will arrive and stick around are those that with little to no boundaries themselves as well as little to no respect for themselves, let alone any respect for you.

Another certainty is that having few boundaries will certainly attract those individuals that will do everything they can to test your boundaries (at first) then abuse the fact that you have little to no boundaries. So, yes, they will use and abuse you because of your failure to make, identify, and maintain any type (or kind) of boundaries. That is because they are ONLY in it for themselves.

Set your Standards/Boundaries HIGH and the only people you will be attracting are those that also set HIGH BOUNDARIES for themselves and expect others to RESPECT those boundaries and standards, no questions asked because they are giving respect in the first place.

A reminder: To Raise Your Standards and Set Boundaries, they have to be permanent. For those of you that think it is cute to say your standards are higher than your heels. Your heels end at your ankle and that is STILL pretty low to the ground.

Lastly, when it comes to setting Boundaries & Standards, they cannot be in form of a band-aid because others expect it and all you want to do is half-ass it. Remember, Success NEVER comes from doing anything Half-Ass.

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David Guerra, MBA


The Average of Who You Hangout With – A Bell Curve

Did you know you become the average of the 5 people you hang out with?

If they are of below average quality, then guess what it is just a matter of time before you become below average. Unless you are already there. Hang Aroung High Caliber People become a High Caliber Person.

Average quality individuals are the norm, the standard, the everyday, the common.

Be Above Average.
Hang out and be around those that are Above Average will most certainly make you Above Average.

However, as with anything else in life, you have to put in the work. If you are NOT willing to put in the work to be above average, then why bother? Put in the work or enjoy your time being below average, if you can.

Until Next Week,

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The Higher, The Fewer – A Chart To Remember

When it comes to your quality of life there is one thing that is certain: YOU ATTRACT BASED ON HOW MUCH EFFORT YOU PUT IN TO YOURSELF.

Of course, you can say you have high standards, a high quality of living which is NOT as the same as a high quality of life.

Stop kidding yourself now and accept the fact that if you keep living a life that is not set to a higher quality then you will only attract those individuals at the mediocre or medium-high quality and there are plenty of them.

The higher you set your quality of life, then the fewer, more select individuals will you attract. When their quality of life matters as much as your level of a higher quality of life then you can connect a level that is more refined and filtered instead of one that is just going through the motions. Failing to elevate your quality of life you will find yourself complaining about your lack of ability to find higher quality individuals to connect with.

When it comes to connecting with others, YOU set the standard and you are the ONLY one that allows those that are at or below the standard to enter your life. If you want higher quality to enter your life then you alone have to not only set the standard but keep the standard the standard others have to exceed. Otherwise, why bother?

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