2024: Your Limitless Potential

Hello again, this week I want to talk about having the potential.

The potential to do what needs to be done. What you know must be done.

The potential to complete something you started. The potential to just be a better human being.

We all have the potential. However, for any number of reasons many of us do not want to release ourselves and our potential to get to where we want to be. To be where we need to be.

A huge percentage of those reasons as to why we hold ourselves back is because we have self-imposed limits.

These self-imposed limits are debilitating when it comes to achieving the goals we have set for ourselves thus minimizing the level of success we ultimately achieve.

Where these self-imposed limitations come from is painfully obvious.

They come from within us. Of course, they come from many sources that ultimately make us who we are.

Again, this may sting but the truth is, that our self-imposed limitations come from our upbringing, our environment, our relationships with friends, colleagues, peers, mentors, teachers, and yes even our parents. It all contributes to who we are today and of course, how we see ourselves.

If growing up we are not given encouragement and provided with the tools to succeed, then we become people pleasers in hopes that we are recognized then maybe just maybe we are encouraged and provided with the tools.

If growing up, we surround ourselves with friends that are weak minded, little motivation, we rather demand instead of doing, then you will become just like those friends.

Of course, as adults we have the power and free will to choose not to fall into the trap that our family and friends set up for us.

You must learn from the mistakes of the past.
Learn from Your mistakes and the mistakes of others.

To remove those self-imposed limits, you will be able to proceed with confidence in that you can achieve what you set your mind to do.
Seriously, there is nothing more to it. You must work on identifying those self-imposed limits and then moving towards getting stuff done.

There can be no remorse, there can be no regret.

Folks, here is a little secret about remorse and regret. If you find yourself with any kind of remorse or any level of regret about your past the self-imposed limitations will quickly return. Once they are back you will soon find yourself spinning your wheels then realizing you are going nowhere fast.

Once you actively recognize and realize that there is nothing tying you to the past, all there is limitless potential.

You can move towards limitless potential, provided that pay the price of letting go of those things and people that shaped you into creating those limitations.

If you need a reference point, look at those people now, today, and see how their limitations have stopped them dead in their tracks. See where they are now.

Only you can work on changing your world, for the better.

Your Future Awaits!

Thank you,
David Guerra, MA, MBA