2024: Your Daily Challenges

A couple weeks ago I talked about obstacles being the stepping stones to your success. This week I want to talk today’s challenges, the everyday challenges we face.
Everyday there are challenges and these challenges come in all varying shapes and sizes.
Whether it is deciding to hit the snooze button, drinking more water, reading more, or dealing work related personnel matters the challenges are there every day.
It has been said many times before and it will be said again and again, you must overcome the challenges of the day in order to create success in the future.
It is no big secret that consistency and persevere is what it takes to succeed.
Therefore, choosing to wake up before the alarm is a good thing.
Drinking more water as opposed to drinking sodas, diet included, will always be better.
Reading more will always be better than watching videos.
Bitching less will always be better than complaining about how everyone had done you wrong.
Making your own cup of coffee with always be better than spending money for that “flavor of the month” coffee shop coffee.
Eating at home will always a hundred times better than always eating out.
I can go on and on and of course, those that find themselves sleeping in, drinking diet Pepsi and popping Advil instead of eating right, will never take a moment to determine that if they were to face their daily challenges in a more positive beneficial manner they might just be achieving the level of success that drinking a grande cinnamon dulce latte will never bring.
Of course, it will always feel good to hit that snooze button and pull the covers over your head.
Of course, it is always easier to tap on an app on your phone, drive up, and get handed a cup of coffee.
That my friends, is the easy way. That is letting the daily challenges get one or two or more over on you and more than likely it will happen again tomorrow.
Why will happen again tomorrow and the day after that? Because it is easy. Because people do not have any self-discipline. Because people would rather continue to do the easy thing, especially if they have gotten away with it for so long that it would be inconceivable to change.
Sadly, when the time comes for mandatory change to happen, it may already be too late for some.
That is why it stands repeating as often as needed; change by facing and overcoming your today’s challenges to build those successes of tomorrow.
You can do it. So do it before it is too late.

Thank you,
David Guerra, MA, MBA