There is a certain level of SELF-RESPECT one can achieve when they are Transparent and Forthcoming. This level of SELF-RESPECT comes for the ability of the individual not having to be a caretaker of their lies and who they told what.

The individual that is NOT transparent and NOT forthcoming is someone that honestly believes they are pulling the wool over someone’s eyes. They most certainly are not.

However, the individuals that have lower levels of SELF-RESPECT have it because they are VAIN. Vain in the sense that they honestly believe they can tell lies with impunity and actually people will believe them (without fail or question).

That vanity and ego will take those individuals only so far. Their lies and falsehoods will almost be exposed. Usually, the individual telling the lies is the one that exposes themselves. Either they forget the lies they tell or the forget who they tell and that leads to their downfall.

By ensuring that words like transparency and forthcoming mean more to the individual than some words you can find in the dictionary. By accepting that being transparent and forthcoming there is no need to come up with lies and then having to remember which lie you told and to whom.

Actively pursuing a life of transparency & being forthcoming increases your quality of life. It moves you from an average individual to someone that can be trusted to tell the truth, which is a must in living as an Above Average Life. It also, increases your level of SELF-RESPECT. Once you recognize that you no longer have to lie or mislead others, you will find that life becomes easier and you will work hard not to go back to that way of existing.

The last word: Waiting to be found out is NOT a good way to exist.

I am David Guerra and I approve this message.