Can you believe we are at the end of February?
Two months down and 10 more to go.

Now I am going to ask you a question and if it makes you feel uncomfortable to answer it, then you are the one that needs to hear this.
If you feel very comfortable answering this question then you are not ready to be better that you were yesterday.

See, it is all about being uncomfortable.


Are you not conquering yourself because you are afraid?

Afraid of what others will think?

Are you not conquering yourself because you are afraid of what happens after you achieve something.

When it comes to being a conqueror, a warrior, there is everything to be afraid of.

Not what you were expecting me to say?

Let me repeat that. When it comes to being a conqueror or a warrior, there is everything to be afraid of.

I mean that you can try to fool other people into thinking you are not afraid or that you got this.

However, the truth is the opposite.

Everyone that is moving into a new place in life, a new position in this world the uncertainty is what creates the fear. There is no avoiding this fact.

And if you are hell bent on saying you are not afraid then you are one of two things:
You are a damn liar or you are ONLY fooling yourself by lying to yourself.

There is not wrong with admitting you have fears. There is absolutely nothing wrong with admitting your fears but doing what must be done anyway.

What is WRONG is NOT admitting your fears. By not admitting you have fears, you let fear overtake you. Fear takes root and because you are not ready to stand up and admit you have fears, you will never truly be ready to conqueror yourself or your life.

Instead of facing your fear head on, you would rather cower and never move beyond what you already are.

I know it sounds harsh but I am speaking my truth. I would cower enough that I would get nothing done. I would start but never see it through. I was the perfect fodder for those that were looking for someone to take advantage of, use as a scapegoat, to blame for their own inadequacies on and so on.

Folks, at some point, enough is enough.

At some point you must stop being afraid and take charge of your life by taking charge of fear. Whether others like it or not.

A word of warning, they are NOT going to like it. They are not going to like it because how dare you decide enough is enough and who are you to decide it is time to be the master of your fate?

They want you they way they have always known you.

They want you under their thumb because there you can never be better; there they can control you. Under their thumb they can keep an eye on you and there they can decide what is best for you all while they have absolutely no clue as to what is best for themselves.

The time will come and you must change. To live and grow you have no choice but to do what is best for you.

To Conquer you must conquer yourself first. Then you can conquer everything else in your life.

So, it is OK to be afraid. Go out and conquer because you got the power.

You make it happen!

There ya go. I said it!

David Guerra, MA, MBA