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10 Things You Do Not Know About Leadership #1

Glitz, Glamour and Glory are usually the words most people associate when they hear the word LEADERSHIP. Well, in perfect conditions the 3Gs are correct and spot on. However, life is NOT all glitz, glamour, and glory. It never its. Life is not perfect and thus the misconceptions of the 3Gs sadly refuses to go away.

Life is usually the opposite of perfect. Life is more often than naught dirty, rough and tumble, and downright mean. However, for some odd reason or another people seem to gravitate only to the opposite of reality. They would rather believe the life of a leader is problem free and the easiest thing to achieve. Of course, those that have tasted LEADERSHIP, even if was for a brief moment or for the long term know anything claiming to be easy is a falsehood, a tall tale.

On the premise of anything worth having or being is easy, I have compiled this list. I ask you, the reader, to let me know if I have missed something or need to fine tune the content on this list, I invite you to please reach out either via email at [email protected] or on Twitter at @DaveGuerra and fill me in.

Of course, some, if not everyone, may know these 10 things but for those that do not know these 10 things please review them and I also invite you to take a look and check it out as there may be a different perspective for you to think about.

Without hesitation and delay, let’s get started…


There is absolutely nothing in writing declaring LEADERS ARE BORN, NOT MADE. There is no resolution, no declaration, no proclamation. There is bias. There is laziness. There are people not wanting to step up and be a leader, in doing that they put others down.

As a young child, I was witness to others that by today’s standards were quite extreme. There I was and yet my elders were quick to point out that some people were just born to be leaders. ‘If you are not born a leader then you can never be one’ was the overtone, the “party line”, if you will, that was fed to me for a good part of my early life.

Then one day, someone saw that I had the ability to lead others. I didn’t see that. I stopped seeing that a long time before that day. That day was the day I decided to join the US Army. While I am the oldest child in my family as well as the oldest cousin (on both sides), some people were too wrapped up in their misery they never thought about that by using a couple of words of encouragement, growing up I would have felt good about myself.

Then again, they did not feel good about themselves so naturally all bets were off for anyone else. Most people don’t see that their words or actions can have a lasting impact on the growth of a child into adolescence and then into young adulthood.

Over the years, I have discovered and met others that had those individuals in their lives that were negative and quick to put them down. I also met others that were encouraged from an early age and have done good for themselves because they had a head start in life. Please note, the head start was not a silver spoon but instead, positive encouragement. Encouragement through the use of words like ‘I have trust in you’, ‘I believe in you’, ‘you have my support’, ‘I got your back’, ‘I am in your corner’, and so on throughout their early life. Folks, words have a deeper impact than actions. Then again, actions rooted in ignorance and incompetence also play a role in stunting the development of a child.

Sure, it is easy to say “leaders are born and not made” when the response is based on not knowing the difference. What is difficult is knowing that everyone has the potential to be not just a leader but a Great Leader. Everyone has it in them to be the leader they have always wanted. Unfortunately, for far too many people it is their past experience that curtails their ambition and in turn, brings others down.

The negativity that others pass along can be disheartening and demotivating to others especially when the others are young and highly impressionable. However, as we grow, we realize that it is not too late to be a leader. It is never too late to step up and lead. We know this because we also know that NO ONE is born a leader and EVERYONE has it in them to lead.

Thank you for your time and please come back next week for the second of the 10 Things You Do Not Know About Leadership