The Here & Now Is All You Need

image: here and now is all you need

Dear Current and Future Leaders,
The paths you will take and the journeys you will find yourself on will only pale in comparison to the HERE & NOW.

Right now, there is nothing more important, nothing more urgent than what is happening. This is the moment that will make your future or condemn you to your past. It is your opportunity to make it all better for yourself.
Whatever it is that you are doing, saying, experiencing is what matters the most of all. Remember, in this moment everything and I do mean everything is being born again. There will never be another moment like this one.

Remember, if you find yourself lacking then you have from this moment on, to grow, to become better.

Remember, if you are at odds with someone for a pointless reason, one they will be gone. Once they are gone, will be nothing you can to bring them back.

Remember, at this moment somewhere on the planet the brings a new day. Only you can make this moment the best moment you are experiencing right here, right now.

Please note, that if you continue to find yourself living in the past or hoping and wishing for a better future, then you deserve the misery you seek and will find.

Never forget, everyone else has a duty and a responsibility to ONLY themselves to be and do better today.
As I have said, as well as others have spoken, no matter where you are or what you do HERE AND NOW is all you need.