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Marketing 101 – June 13, 2021

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Not so long ago, my wife and I went out to dinner. A triple digit dinner $$$.¢¢ at a somewhat popular local restaurant. At the end of the delicious meal, we had some leftovers which were nicely packed in a doggie bag. OK, it was a plain brown paper bag.

When we got home we noticed there was something missing. Now don’t get me wrong, the leftovers were all there. What was missing was a brief note that could have read, “Thanks for dining in with us and thank you for taking us home with you. However, we want you to come back for dining in or carry out and here is a 10% off code for your next visit. Thank you.”

They could have put all that on note or used a rubber stamp on the side of the bag. Along with the name of the restaurant, phone number and hey who knows maybe even dropped a copy of the paper menu they gave us when they sat us at our table.

Instead, is all we got was a plain old paper bag.

Folks, this is clearly a missed opportunity. The world is opening back up and competition will soon start up again and if you want to stand out from the crowd, especially, when you are one those triple digit restaurants then you had better start seizing the opportunities.

Seriously, the next time you look at a plain old brown paper bag, look at all the untouched landscape.

When it comes everything, not just marketing, when you see a chance take it or your competition will. I guarantee that.

Thanks for your time,