#DareToBe – Tuesday – 02/02/2016 Topic: Challenge Negativity

Every Tuesday evening at 8pm Eastern, the #DareToBe tweetchat takes place on Twitter. The #DareToBe tweetchat is hosted by Editor, Writer, and Communications Executive Andrea Sanchez (@asanchez16).

Every week a different topic. On the evening of Tuesday, February 2, 2016, the topic was CHALLENGE NEGATIVITY. 11 Questions asked and 11 Questions answered and while I could not capture all the twitter based answers I present to you the questions and my answers (with a bit of amplification). Please enjoy and if you can joins us. Look for the #DareToBe hashtag every Tuesday evening.

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Q1: Negativity occurs when _______________. #DareToBe
A1. people do not see eye to eye or cannot seem to agree #DareToBe

Q2: Give an example of a negative attitude. #DareToBe
A2. Going against the grain because the rest are not #DareToBe

Q3: Describe how you feel after speaking with a negative person. #DareToBe
A3. Usually feel drained just keeping the positive vibes flowing through me. #DareToBe

Q4: Addressing concerns is healthy. How does one voice concerns without appearing negative? #DareToBe
A4. Address those concerns as quickly as possible. Wait and it festers then it gets worse. #DareToBe

Q5: What question can you ask to challenge someone who is always negative? #DareToBe #daretobe
A5. Will you please explain your answer? Have them drill down to the core of their issue/concern. #DareToBe

Q6: “Happiness isn’t a given mindset. You must work at it.” Agree/disagree? Explain.  #DareToBe
A6. Agree. Life is hard work. Life is very hard work. To be happy you have to work at it just like people go out of their way to be negative  #DareToBe

Q7: To stay positive I often ______________. #DareToBe
A7. have to hit the reset button by recharging on my own (in my fortress of solitude) #DareToBe

Q8: Life isn’t perfect. Being positive every single moment is not realistic for most. How do you achieve a good balance? #DareToBe
A8. There is really no way to stay in balance all the time. However, stopping and recharging those positivity batteries is the best way to go. #DareToBe

Q9: Share an example of when you chose positivity over negativity. #DareToBe
A9. Those teachable moments especially when someone royally messes up. #DareToBe  (FYI I don’t normally use the words “messes up”)

Q10: Why is it important to detox your life of negativity? #DareToBe
A10. Too much of a bad thing is BAD! That’s it. Plain and simple. #DareToBe

Q11: Tomorrow I will dare to challenge negativity by ________________. #DareToBe
A11. opening myself up to accept more positivity and tackle negativity head on #DareToBe

Till Tuesday!