Trust The Process (Saturday Edition) with David Guerra

Welcome to the new TRUST THE PROCESS (Saturday Edition) video series

A new weekly series that is Vlog meets a little Q&A or provides help on whatever you need or whatever I see people needing. In this new series, I talk about why we must (on occasion) completely trust the process because sometimes the process is there for a reason and it helps us. We have to listen, we’ve got to follow it, and we have got to do it. I know most of us do not like doing that as most of us like to blaze our own trails. I know I would rather blaze my own trail but sometimes we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do to get it done.

Episode 01: Resume Writing (the Objective)

Episode 02: Resume Writing (the Work History section)

Episode 03: Resume Writing (the Education section)

Episode 04: Resume Writing (the Skills section)

Episode 05: Resume Writing (References)

Episode 06: coming soon