10462637_662800257133737_3873833046497042882_nMy name is Dave Guerra.

I am a VETERAN. As an Infantryman with the US Army Berlin Brigade and the 197th Infantry Brigade during the last few years of the Cold War, the world never looked the same again.

I WRITE books. As the author of three historical fiction and two books on leadership, the keys never stop clicking.

I WORK hard. Is not afraid to get back into the trenches because that is where Dave started.

I can still DIG foxholes and FILL sandbags. Nothing beats sweat when it came to succeeding then and that is exactly what it takes to succeed now.

I believe in CHOPPING WOOD and CARRYING WATER. The essentials are critical to do what is important and what matters.

I am not afraid to SHOW you what I am talking about. Teaching others is the first step to MASTERY.

I have a JOB. A job is something that everyone must have.

I have a PASSION. Passion is something that I am not afraid to show and share.

I love my FAMILY. We might not be as close as we used to be but I love them all nonetheless.

I start NEW businesses. Doing new things is FUN!

I give people the opportunity to THRIVE. Thriving is knowing you are doing a good job as a leader.

I am a COLD WAR RELIC but do not let that fool you because that doesn’t stop me. Being a Cold War Relic inspires me to help build a better FUTURE.

I believe it is time to change, to make CHANGE HAPPEN!

I believe DISRUPTION is what we all need.

I know DISRUPTION is key to making CHANGE HAPPEN?

When DISRUPTION causes CHANGE then, and only then, are GREAT LEADERS born.

Are you ready to cause some DISRUPTION that causes CHANGE which in turn makes GREAT LEADERS?

I know I am!

What do think? I want to know! I would like to hear from you. I invite you to drop me an email at dave [at] daveguerra(dot)com or follow me on twitter: @daveguerra