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My name is David G. Guerra. I am a US Army Infantry Veteran. I am also an Author. I write about what I know: Leadership and the Cold War in West Berlin.  I am an advocate for Leaders to step up and do what’s right especially if doing what is right is unpopular.

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Why Baking A Cake Is Leadership in its Purest, Most Delicious Form by David Guerra

Have you ever baked a cake? Most people have at one point or another in their lives have baked a cake. I have baked cakes for as long as I can remember. While cake baking/making is not my vocation (and for good reason) I have baked cakes for many reasons and while all have been …



The podcast about the 20 rules found in each of my books, “The Walking Leader“, “Great To Follow” and the upcoming “We, The Team” and “Bad Leaders Aren’t (Leaders)” plus a bit more.
The Walking Leader podcast is here to help you get up, out and thrive as you walk around the company floor. The objective is not only to give you the rules but the tools to help you succeed as a leader in your organization.
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uploaded: Thursday May 18, 2017 22:30 CST

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I like to write. I write fiction and non-fiction.


The Non-Fiction is strictly based on known leadership principles with focus on being a leader, a follower, and a member of a team.The idea behind the Walking Leader and two other books in the series revolves around the concept of Managing By Walking Around (MBWA). I have always believed the idea behind MBWA is not only fantastic but exactly what every organization needs. However, when it came time to launch my own MBWA adventure, I discovered there were no rules, procedures nor guidelines to help the burgeoning manager or leader take the reins of leadership and succeed. While I was hard pressed to find anyone that was stumbling around while walking around, myself included. I did find that by having a base to go by it made things a little easier for me and I believe it will do the same for others that need the help (or kick in the pants).

Walking Leader by David G. Guerra Great To Follow by David G. Guerra

The Walking Leader Great To Follow


The 3000 Word Leadership Lesson series consists of bite-sized stories that guide the reader through the various intricate aspects of Leadership and successfully maneuver through those intricacies.

Each 3000 Word Leadership Lesson tackles current and real world situations that many organizations either don’t see occurring because day-to-day operations are moving at such a fast pace or management refuses to acknowledge such situations are actually happening.

The 3000 Word Leadership Lesson Series is exclusively available for the AMAZON KINDLE DEVICES or APP.  Each Leadership Lesson is just $0.99 USD.

To learn more about the 3000 Word Leadership Lessons please click here.



  • Bad Leaders Aren’t (Leaders) (Early 2017 digital format only)
  • We, The Team (book #3 of the Walking Leader series) (Spring 2017)



The fiction I write is considered historical fiction. A historical fiction story is “made up but is set in the past and sometimes borrows true characteristics of the time period in which it is set.” In my case, these stories are set in West Berlin and take place from the end of World War II (1945) to the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. These books are part of the the “Occupied Berlin” series. My plan is to write 10 stories before completing the series.

 Doughboy City by David G. Guerra  Air Bridge Berlin by David G. Guerra Spandau Guard by David G. Guerra Parade Season by David G. Guerra Temporary BOOK COVER

Doughboy City  –  Air Bridge Berlin  –  Spandau Guard  – Parade SeasonThe Taking of Sergeant Gonzalez


  • #6 – untitled Occupied Berlin series book (Christmas 2017)
  • #7 – untitled Occupied Berlin series book (2018)
  • #8 – untitled Occupied Berlin series book (TBA)
  • #9 – untitled Occupied Berlin series book (TBA)
  • #10 – untitled Occupied Berlin series book (TBA)

I plan on doing other stories, in other genres but for now here I am.
Thank you!

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As an Army brat, I was not destined to roam the Lone Star State, my home, all my life. It was during my childhood and teenage years that my thirst for adventure and travel began as my father led my family and I to various military posts.

No one was surprised when I joined the U.S. Army as an Infantryman. My first duty assignment, in 1985, put me at the tip of the Cold War spear, 110 miles inside communist East German territory, in West Berlin.

It was in West Berlin, that my view of the world suddenly expanded – especially being part of the U.S. Armed Forces inside the Berlin Wall during the Cold War. No longer was I just along for the ride with my father’s assignments. Instead, I was in the thick of it. Right smack where politics and ideologies met. It was while serving with the US Army I acquired and learned from great leaders and managers the skills, knowledge and wisdom that would be the foundation for my adult life long after leaving Berlin and the US Army.