Walking Leader Podcast #127

It Is 2019, Now What? (#127)
by David G. Guerra • Walking Leader Podcast

In This Episode: It Is 2019, Now What? with your host David G. Guerra, MBA


In this episode, I talk about It Is 2019, Now What?

2019 is well underway and the time to get yourself focused to make this year the success you want it to be. I offer five (5) concepts to utilize, adapt, make your own towards achieving that success. From letting go of the past to keeping your eye on the prize, in this fourteen and a half minute podcast, gives you the tools to get the conversation started. I also give you a bit of insight on how to make 2019 the success you want and expect.

Don’t forget to CREATE WIN-WIN situations in all that you do. Start Strong! Stay Strong! Finish Strong! Be Strong!


Please plug in your headphones, sit back and enjoy this 14 and a half minute podcast.


It its 2019, so what now what do we do? Simple, the year is underway well underway and now there’s no turning back. We could not turn back even if we wanted to and that’s just the way things are. So what are we going to do? We’re going to go forward, we’re going to let go of the past. We’re going to go forward into the untapped, uncertainty of 2019. We’re going to share the opportunities that are coming with those that are important to us. In 2019, we are going to focus on how you will fit in with this new year. Then with this year, 2019, moving toward 2020 and of course as always you’re going to have to work to keep your eye on the prize.

The first thing we need to do is again you know we still have trouble I know I have trouble I occasionally I’ve done it a couple of times already where I’ve signed in you know today’s date and then 2018, well no it’s 2019. So we go back and correct it ourselves and we have to correct ourselves if we can recognize that the past is gone. 2018 and all the other years before it are gone you cannot change the past, you cannot change the past, I can’t change the past, none of us can change the past. However, what we can change is the future and we know this we know this because the actions we take right here, right now at this moment are going to direct our future.

Everything we do in this moment directs our future. See the past is done we can’t change as it’s written, it’s set in stone but the future is uncertain and we can control that uncertainty because of what we do here today. Now also know that if you never let go over the past then you are most certainly not going to change the future. Most of all, your future and anybody else that’s changing their future, making things happen for themselves is because they’ve let go the past, they haven’t bogged themselves down,  they haven’t rooted themselves down into the past. They are in the moment, they are in the here and the now. The right now and what they’re doing now is again they’re looking forward they’re looking over the horizon and they’re saying ‘will this effect my end goal?’, ‘Is what I want to do’ and yes the answer is yes. Everything you do will affect your end goal. Whatever it is so know taking that with you to look forward to those untapped uncertainties of 2019. Let’s call it an adventure and let’s call it an adventure for a reason.

2019 is going to be an adventure. While the future is uncertain and unwritten it certainly will be an adventure. If we go into the mindset of having it become an adventure not just a journey not just a destination to get to 2020 then we repeat the process again to get to 2021 no it’s going to be an adventure every day is going to be an adventure so you treat the new year this year this as a new journey as a new adventure to an undiscovered country and again you know taking liberties there but it’s an undiscovered country this new year we don’t know what’s got to happen we we think we know we see things happening it’s like well can it be that way no we can change those things so you your family your friends your team the team you lead are all on that journey together you’re the focal point because you’re the leader so your family your friends and the team that you lead are on that journey together everybody is and consider it consider that journey a voyage of discovery and again taking some liberties but it’s a voyage of discovery and have that mindset have the mindset that you will encounter change every step of the way every single day is always something new so go into that in and have that in your mind that you’re going to encounter change and the sooner you accept that the sooner things are going to start happening for you the sooner your life will start changing the future will start changing and again realize that it’s not just you because you’re taking your friends your family your team yourself on this journey well you might consider yourself of team of one a team of one you have to realize that these opportunities that are coming in 2019 you’re gonna have to be share well you’re gonna have to share them with everybody but you’re also why do you share it with everybody because you’re part of a larger team you’re the team and in your family your detainment with your friends you’re a team with your teams that your co-workers your peers those you lead those your report to everybody’s a team so that means that because you’re part of a team it means you cannot do it or go at it alone you cannot so ensure that you and your team are sharing in those opportunities that are coming and they’re gonna come faster than you think they’re coming constantly now why because well shared opportunities means that you are leaving no stone unturned and you are exploding every opportunity to its fullest that’s right you have to not only share it but you also have to exploit those opportunities and make sure you’re getting the most out of it because what if you left a stone unturned and underneath that stone was this 10 carat diamond and nobody looked it over because well you didn’t have other people helping you you weren’t helping other people on their journey they weren’t helping you in your journey because you wanted to be a team of one and that one stone with the 10 carat diamond underneath it it’s gone that opportunity’s gone because now you’ve moved on so you see what I’m saying share the opportunities with everyone everyone is part of your team you’re part of a team and you’re gonna be able to fully exploit every opportunity as it comes in 2019 next you’re gonna focus on how you will fit in within 2019 and how do you do that how do you fit in with 2019 well guess what you bust out you dust off that old personal mission statement you remember that mission statement I know I got one back from back in my seven Habits of Highly Effective People day but I have it and occasionally I stumble across them against one 20 19 now right now right now this this this early part first quarter of 2019 it’s a great time to take a couple of minutes and pull it out find it dust it off revisit that personal mission statement work on it correct it update it bring it up to date because who knows maybe you’ve got a couple of new new things that you’re responsible for new people you’re responsible for so update that guess what else update your family mission statement and if there is no family mission statement and guess what it’s you’ve got a personal one you’ve got a business one so why not have a family mission statement our mission is to succeed to grow together learn together to and face any challenges together that’s a family so make that create that and if you have one kudos to you congratulations but it is time to update it and if you’re updating it again even more kudos to you but get out there that’s how you’re going to fit into 2019 and beyond you update your personal mission statement you update your family mission statement and of course your business mission statement must be brought up to date if it’s still living in 1974 guess what it’s way overdue if it’s still living you know in the last century it’s way overdue to be updated so get together with somebody get it put together bring it up to date and if it’s only just two years old then guess what a lot has happened in two years and you just look at the current events to see how much has happened so update your business mission statement and then lastly develop a comprehensive vision statement for yourself a vision statement what you see the vision statement what your future is and does it involve work like balance work-life balance does it is there what do you do to get people to buy into it and what about those that need to opt out because there will be people that need to opt out at some point but that’s part of the vision you’re trying to succeed you’re trying to get there you’re trying to accomplish the mission but how do you accomplish the mission with the vision how you see yourself getting there the journey you’re gonna take the path you’re gonna take the changes and the opportunities are going to come your way so that leads me to keeping your eye on the prize and your prize is 2020 and the future in the next year we’re gonna do this again and the prize will be 2021 see my be mindful that success has to be achieved every single day success has to be achieved every single day achieving success happens every single day you have to build upon yesterday successes to create today success so yesterday success is the bench market yesterday’s success is the standard it’s the bar by which it’s set for tomorrow for today so focus on yourself focus on your family focus on your team now notice what I said right there in that order focus on yourself focus on your family focus on your team folks I know a lot of people say no no family comes first or my business comes first I get that but if you’re not taking care of yourself and you’ve heard this before if you’re not taking care of yourself you are worthless to your family you are worthless to your team you’re worthless to your business you have to focus on yourself first yes I know it sounds a little conceited it sounds a little self-centered it sounds a little selfish but you have to take care of yourself what good are you if you’re operating in 80 percent what good are you if you only operate at 50 percent what good are you if you’re not operating at all because you’re you’re gone because you didn’t take care of yourself so focus on yourself that’s how you keep the eye keep your eye on the prize your family your team you then you focus on your family because they’re your biggest strongest supporters and then your team’s because that’s how everybody’s going to succeed so pay attention also pay attention and I’m gonna say this pay attention to the naysayers to ensure that you can properly identify them and then cut them loose now what do I mean by properly identifying your naysayers well what if someone is just blowing off a little steam or does grown into a full-blown antagonist a hater what do you do then well you have to decide are they on board are they not on board somebody’s just blowing off steam by all means everybody has to blow off steam oh I don’t believe in this and then five minutes later they’re deep in it working hustling and grinding making it happen for you for themselves so that’s what I’m saying pay attention to the naysayers to ensure that you can properly identify them and then cut those that you’ve identified as property sayers you cut them loose your full-blown antagonist your haters because there is no time to be bogged down by those haters by those in tagging you did they’re on board with you or they’re not and that’s harsh I get it but again how are you going to succeed if people are constantly pulling you down if people are not allowing you to get things done if you are being you’re more worried about what your neighbor thinks and what you need to be doing you’ve got a problem so that’s why you’ve got to cut them loose there’s also no time for something else there’s no time for lollygagging 365 days go by in a blink of an eye look what happened to 2018 it’s gone 2017 2016 is a blur therefore why are you bogging yourself down by losing track losing focus paying too much time and attention to win back naysayers there’s no need for that that’s called lollygagging that’s just wasting time don’t lose focus don’t lose track don’t waste time on those that are not coming back 365 days is all we have in this calendar year and they’re already spent and the clock is still ticking so you need to do what it takes you need to step up in 2019 it’s here you have to let go of the past last year the years before in all those years and those that are gone are gone they’re gone for a reason sure sometimes we might not might not have liked that they were gone but they’re gone however turn that attention the other way look forward to the untapped uncertainty of 2019 and all the opportunities that are coming with 2019 share those opportunities share those coming opportunities with your family with your team and succeed that’s how you succeed and of course focus on how you’re going to fit in with all this year and of course that means taking some time for yourself and understanding that you’ve got to develop your own mission statement your family mission statement the businessman visions mission statement and the vision statements they’re all they all work together and they’re all for one cause and that’s for success personal success and folks the very last thing you need to do to get into 2019 and make it win and make it happen for you is to focus on the prize your prize keep your eye on the prize focus don’t lose track don’t waste time don’t lose focus because now it’s 2019 and it’s time to get to work so let’s get to work folks my name is David Garrard I am the author of the walking leader and great to follow and I want to hear back from you tell me what you think of this episode what I just shared with you how 2019 is going to be a success for you because you have to make it a success it’s not going to be handed to you those days are gone you’re no longer a kid you’re now an adult you’ve got responsibilities you’ve got things that have to get done on time and losing focus losing track is a great way to just have throw all that fall by the wayside and then what if you got nope let’s keep our eye on the prize.

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