3000 WORD LEADERSHIP LESSON – Better Sooner Than Later

3000 WORD LEADERSHIP LESSON: Better Sooner Than Later
by David G. Guerra

3000 Word Leadership Lesson (#7)

22 pages

ASIN: B0763J6S8K


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Karen Gonzalez is the Business Manager at Deter Financial Services and responsible to over see the the non-certified staff and all business matters of an organization on the verge of expansion. The story begins as two employees are using office technology for non-business related communications. After being counseled, the two take a few days off from committing any error or intentional misuse. However, after a while the two cannot help themselves and repeat their behavior only to get caught, again. This time the one-on-one counseling session is no longer an option.

The 3000 Word Leadership Lesson series consists of bite-sized stories that guide the reader through the various intricate aspects of Leadership and successfully maneuver through those intricacies.