3000 WORD LEADERSHIP LESSON – While The Kat’s Away

3000 WORD LEADERSHIP LESSON: While The Kat’s Away
by David G. Guerra

3000 Word Leadership Lesson (#5)

22 pages



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Gerry Gonzalez is an IT consultant who has been asked to monitor the office activities while the Operations Manager, Kathleen (Kat), is attending an off-site training. When Gerry arrives he experiences something completely opposite than when Kat is in. Seizing the opportunity of having their boss out of the office, the staff takes liberties such as withholding customer service. Extended lunch hours and unanswered phone calls leave Gerry reeling from the complete 180 this office has taken while the “Kat’s” away. Upon returning the next day, Gerry briefs Kat on the previous days actions. The Operations Manager has to take action and does so to the point of surprising Gerry on his next visit.

The 3000 Word Leadership Lesson series consists of bite-sized stories that guide the reader through the various intricate aspects of Leadership and successfully maneuver through those intricacies.